Saturday, January 15, 2011

Harry Reid rewriting the Senate rules. A very important message from Alan Keyes


Reid Breaking the Law to Reverse November Elections!
Illegal Vote to Kill Filibuster, Gut Senate Rules As Early As Next Week!
As his first order of business, Harry Reid intends to ILLEGALLY change Senate Rules in order to castrate the newly elected Constitutional Conservatives. 
In 1959, the Senate made it ILLEGAL for any future Senate, at the beginning of a new Congress, to force a rules change unless approved by 2/3 of all duly sworn senators.  This was specifically enacted to preserve the checks and balances on political power mongers, and prevent a narrow majority from subverting the will of the people while establishing itself as a dictatorial ruling party.  Dirty Harry has decided the law doesn’t apply to Marxists like himself.  He has decided that only a simple majority, (50 Democrats + Joe Biden), is all it takes to change the rules.  Apparently, Harry’s new motto is “if you can’t beat ‘em, cheat ‘em – old school Vegas mobster mentality at its best.

Once Harry Reid manages dump this rule, he intends gut the rest of the Senate rules paving the way for completion of Obama’s Marxist regime.  If we do not stop Rotten Reid NOW, the Senate’s honored traditions of due deliberation, freedom of speech and necessary debate, not to mention serving the constituency, will be nothing more than ancient myths lost in the sands of time and our glorious republic nothing more than a cherished memory.
Reid has already announced the first action he will take after illegally changing Senate rules and tightening his death grip on the Senate.  Next up – Reid will eliminate debate by ending the filibuster.

This week Reid invented a new rule that will make moot the time-honored Senate requirement of a 3/5s supermajority for more serious votes, and completely shut the Republicans out of any debate – giving Democrats the ability to ram through the rest of their devastating Obama-driven leftist agenda with a simple plurality.  When Democrat Alcee Hastings recently said "we make up the rules as we go along," he wasn’t kidding; and the unprincipled Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid apparently agrees.

For over 200 years the Senate has allowed debate on any bill, giving the opposition the opportunity to speak, amend and deliberate upon legislation as is their sworn duty.  In fact, any Senator has the RIGHT to speak as long as necessary on any issue.  This rule was designed to prevent the "tyranny of the majority" from literally becoming a despotic “ruling party” that could completely steamroll opposing minority views.  But like the old commissars of the collapsed Soviet Union, Dirty Harry Reid despises "deviationists" and he doesn’t want any more debate – he wants total and absolute control of Senate business, so he can demolish America and recreate it according to Obama’s Marxist vision.  
As it stands right now, debate won’t be cut off unless a supermajority, (3/5ths), of Senators vote to end the debate.  Dirty Harry doesn’t have a Democrat-controlled supermajority and he knows the Republicans we sent to Washington will insist on full debate for each of the Pelosi/Reid/Obama Marxist bills he intends to bring to the floor.  And something big must be coming down the pike, because Reid would never attempt to pull a history-insulting procedural outrage this large and offensive unless the political pay-offs were enormous.

Reid and Obama must be calculating that the only way they can stop the Republicans from at least nominally upholding the Constitution and the Rule of Law is for Democrats to rewrite the rules of the Senate, so that raw majoritarian thuggery can prevail – without the daylight of any free debate – and bills forced through unimpeded in favor of tyrannical Marxism. 


The future of America is literally at state.  Reid obviously intends to strike some fatal blows against freedom THIS WEEK and we must ACT NOW to save our Republic from decline into utter totalitarianism.
Congress MUST protect what remains of its institutional integrity!  Your voice can be heard — we need your urgent help at DAPAC to get this message out more widely to American voters, and intensify the pressure on Congress to halt this travesty!

Even smaller donations are going to help.  Send your faxes to Congress and contribute to this fight TODAY!

Any amount — $1000, $500, $250, or even $100 will help us fight the battle to save America from Obama and his minions in the Senate, led by Harry Reid.  It’s time we stood up and said enough is enough! Please join us with your DAPAC donation TODAY. 
Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes


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