Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ABC World News alters sound track admission about Islamic militants in Russia

ABC News has altered the sound track commentary on their web site of the broadcast report last night, 1-24-2011, about who was responsible for the Domodedovo airport bombing in Moscow.

On the 1-24-2011 show on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer of last night's coverage of the Russian Domodedovo airport bombing, a live feed has their reporter Jim Schutto doing a voiceover in which he said the bombing was the caused by Islamic militants fighting to create an Islamic nation in Russia. I went to the ABC News web site today to transcribe the exact quote from that broadcast but found that someone has altered the tape. Go to this link to see it here.

Voiceover: Jim Schutto reporting.
"Tonight Russian authorities blame a single suicide bomber carrying 6 pounds of explosives packed with nuts and bolts shrapnel to increase the death toll. Suspicion immediately fell on militants fighting from Russia’s southern border fighting for +++++++"

Just at the point after the word "for" the audio is erased and the video turns to hash. Since I watched this show live it is apparent that ABC News is trying to cover up the admission made by their own reporter that the bombing was caused by Muslims fighting to turn part of the country into an Islamic nation.
Meanwhile, ABC News in Australia gave a more complete picture of the Islamic terrorist events in Russia along with some background history.

ABC News Australia

“At least 35 people have been killed and more than 150 injured in a bomb blast at Moscow’s busiest airport." ... "Last March, two female suicide bombers from the volatile north Caucuses region killed 40 people on the Moscow Metro and in November 2009 a bomb ripped through an express train killing 27 people. In all cases Islamic militants from the Caucasus who have been fighting the Kremlin were blamed for the attacks. They are also the prime suspects in this bombing.”
So why can't American's get the whole, unedited picture of these acts of terrorism? Why must all mention of Muslims and Islam get erased from our news coverage? The answer is simple: the left wing news media is covering it up.  The original comments by ABC News reporter Jim Schutto is right on target, the Muslims in Russia are fighting to create an Islamic Republic on Russian soil, but he probably wasn't reading from a script. Maybe someone will post the whole, unedited video on YouTube.


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