Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Notice to readers and commentors to this blog

Almost from the time this blog began I have been receiving comments from locations in China, written in Chinese, that contained hidden links to child porn web sites in Asia. I have translated the messages using the translator in Google Language Tools and they all seemed to be innocuous parables that had no bearing on the subject they were attached to so I always deleted them. A few weeks ago one of these messages translated into something that seemed connected to the subject blog post so I posted it. I immediately noticed that the sentence in the comment, as like all the previous ones did, ended with a string of dozens of dots, (i.e. ............... ) and when my cursor moved over theses dots each one turned into a hyperlink to a child porn web site in Asia. I immediately deleted the comment and searched for information about the sender. Google Blogs informed me this problem has been going on for years and the only way to prevent it was to change the Comments format to allow only members of Google Blogs to submit them. This means anyone who is does not have an account with Google Blogs cannot submit comments. Anyone can set up a free account with Google but if you don't want to bother with it you can still send me an email with your comments and I will post them. My email address is

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