Saturday, March 27, 2010

Joe Biden expresses his sense of dignity before an open microphone.

Before an assembled meeting of the White House press corps that had been called to proclaim their victory in the Socialized Medicine scam, Joe Biden introduced Barack Hussein Obama and then in full view of the audience and with an open microphone he says in Obama's ear, "This is a big fucking deal." Watch and listen to the video on this YouTube segment:

Is this a great embarrassment for America? Of course it is. Just as Obama's bowing before the heads of state of the countries he visited. Is it a great embarrassment for the Democrats? Not really, because they have no shame.

As a side note to this incident, Diane Sawyer from ABC News giggled when she heard it just like a little school girl. These professional journalists really know how to react to a story that happens right in front of them, don't they. Her reaction ranks along with the comment by Chris Mathews who said that, "Obama sends a tingle up my leg."

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  1. Wondering about America's Future

    An article title such as ”Wondering about America’s Future” spontaneously evokes suppositions that the writer of said article is fatally pessimistic on whether this nation under God is capable of surviving for the near future and for an extended period thereafter.

    I could deny that assumption but I won’t.

    Personally, I don’t think we can survive for much longer which is not to say the U.S.A. will disappear from the face of the Earth by next Tuesday. Rather, for our children, what the country has been and what it has meant for centuries will become a dim memory.

    Our grandchildren may well come to ask, “What’s a democratic republic, Gramps?” or “Will Great Leader Obama always be the president, Mom?”

    That’s a pretty gloomy forecast but one which is unavoidable given the state of the nation as it stands today.

    However, another major factor often intrudes on pessimistic outlooks, also given the nature of man, and that is a ray or two of hope always trying to pierce the dismal clouds.

    It’s the American way and character to be positive and optimistic but even the most positive and optimistic American should take pause at recent events and developments:
    (


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