Monday, March 15, 2010

Media hypocrites spread lies again about favorite leftist Obama

In a copyrighted story on the front page of today's Kentucky Enquirer headlined Obama praised for gov't openness Gannett News Service reporter Chuck Raasch writes:
WASHINGTON — At a time when the Obama administration is struggling to move forward with major policy initiatives affecting health care, energy and banking, it is getting high marks for progress in one area: government transparency.
However, federal agencies are getting mixed reviews on how well they are following the president's order to deliver "a new era of open government."
The liberals are still in protective mode doing everything possible to cover up the lies and false promises made by Barack Hussein Obama. Typical of the tactics of the Chicago political machine, Obama said and did whatever was necessary to fool the voting public in order to get elected and the left-wing news media aided and abetted his efforts throughout his campaign. 
Now, one news reporter, CNN anchor, Jack Cafferty, apparently has had enough. Cafferty publicly bashed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and our Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama for their lies and deception. It sure as hell is about time.

Maybe Jack Cafferty is having trouble with his conscience, but that is something that is not allowed when you work for the Mainstream Media. Twisting, bending and ignoring the TRUTH is too much of a daily routine in the media today. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that they even teach it in Journalism classes in college. Now, if only we could get them to tell the truth about Socialized Medicine and the Obama healthcare bill.

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