Sunday, April 4, 2010

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

It is fitting that on this Easter weekend we should remember what life was like for early Christians. Some 2000 years ago, give or take a few decades, Christians were mostly noted for singing songs and praying in the coliseums in Rome while being eaten by the lions. Times have changed but Christianity is still under attack only the pagan forces today are Marxist Socialists masquerading as Democrats. The old proverb about good Christians turning the other cheek has long been worn out. What we need is to learn how to fight back. How best than to learn from the experts, the Democrats themselves?

Ronald Regan's speech in 1964 endorsing Sen. Barry Goldwater made me a life-long conservative Republican, and in my formative years I befriended a woman who was a firebrand in the local Democrat party and she was a conservative Democrat of the most vivid color of blue anyone would see. This woman became my mentor in politics and she taught me some interesting strategy.

They say that there is strength in numbers but the real strength is in organization and planning. For instance, how a small group of three or four people (5 or 6 is even better) can sway the opinions of a room full of people. I've told this story to many people so I'll share it with you as well. Taking a lesson that Liberals show us every day, Liberals love to heap praise on other Liberals, just look at the Hollywood Liberals, they do it all the time. It gets to the point that you begin to think there is some truth to what they say after hearing so many people say the same thing. Really? You have just been swayed.
Once you've learned what to look for it is fairly easy to use the tactic yourself. 
Get your friends together and plan to attend a meeting and try this out. This meeting could be a Town Hall meeting with your elected officials, for instance and it is even better suited if that elected official is someone you don't agree with, but the strategy works in many situations. Lets use that Democrat who just voted for Socialized Medicine as an example. Do not go into the meeting together and do not chat with each other beforehand. Take positions in the seating area away from each other. Now, when it comes time to raise a point or make a comment, one of you stands up and says something that is relevant to the meeting. "You haven't read this bill, have you?" or "The United States Constitution doesn't give you the authority to ...." Then one of your friends seating on the other side of the room also stands up and says, "Yeah, she's right!" or "I agree with that guy over there." and this agreement is again voiced by your other friends across the room. The affect will be that since most of the people who came to this meeting may not have predisposed opinions they will become influenced or swayed by what they see and hear as widespread agreement. This is how Liberal instigators take control of someone's meeting and turn it to their advantage. When the SEIU union goons began to infiltrate the Town Hall meetings they used this tactic to create the impression that the health care bill was a popular thing.

When the American Revolution was fought the British soldiers stood together in the battlefield wearing their bright red uniforms while the Patriots took up positions in the forest among the trees. The British soldiers were easy targets. We need to study our history and learn from it. Learn the ways that worked and the ways that failed. What is also important is to firmly believe, those who forget the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them.

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