Monday, November 11, 2013

Everything that goes up must come down. Eventually, even politicians.

copyrighted or licensed by the European Space Agency
GOCE came and went over the weekend. Everyone in the news was talking about the Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer. Launched in March 2009 by the European Space Agency, GOCE performed flawlessly during its lifetime. Placed in orbit two months after the American inauguration of our first and hopefully last Muslim raised, Communist mentored, Marxist/Socialist leader Barack Hussein Obama, GOCE, the European Space Agency gravity measuring satellite, disintegrated and burned up in the atmosphere yesterday after running out of fuel. Meanwhile, the seemingly flameproof reputation of Dear Leader has been protected from burnout by an indestructible heat shield made up of leftist reporters and news media, in spite of the disastrous disintegration of ObamaCare. Once again, everyone was talking about it, but no one made the connection.

It was also reported over the weekend that our Dear Leader Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama, messianic deity of the Democratic Socialists of America, managed to play his 150th round of golf since assuming residence in The White House. One wonders how he manages to find the time to muck up the country in between his frequent and elaborate globe traveling vacations. He must have a very capable staff running ruining the government when he is away from his desk.
The European Space Agency reported that the GOCE satellite disintegrated in the high atmosphere and no damage to property has been reported and no one on the ground was hurt. Back at home, the fallout from the imploded ObamaCare fiasco has already caused over 50-million casualties with more to come and uncountable financial losses in the healthcare industry and overall job market as businesses across the country seek sanctuary in the loop holes in the law. But Dear Leader brushed off the disastrous statistics by reminding everyone it was their own fault that their health insurance was cancelled for not reading the disclaimers printed in small type at the bottom of the commercials he made. Like a magician performing his magic act we were all distracted by trying to read his lips instead of watching his hands. Hopefully, we should do better next time.

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