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AFDI End Of The Year 2013 Campaign

Please consider the results of the contributions you make with your hard-earned money.
From the very beginning, our initiatives at AFDI/SIOA have been gamechangers.  From the Ground Zero mosque to our explosive ad campaigns, we are changing the 'savage' narrative. And for our extraordinary efforts, we have done it solely on your contributions.
There is no better investment in the fight for freedom than a group that is bold, outspoken, forthright, honest, determined – and effective. A group like AFDI. Now more than ever, when voices and work like ours are increasingly silenced, is when we have to be bolder and go on the offense. And we do like no one else (scroll down).

Above: AFDI jihad ad in DC Metro station
As the clouds continue to gather on the international scene, 2013 has been another year of groundbreaking work with unparalleled results for our American Freedom Defense Initiative. There is no group that can match our effective guerrilla style of media and legal warfare – and for our expanding efforts we have relied solely on the love of freedom and generosity of our donors. Our action plans for 2014 are even more ambitious.
Now more than ever, we have to educate the American people. And we are getting it done. AFDI fights this propaganda putsch by going on the offense and taking the message to the people. We’re bringing the truth about the jihad against free people and Islamic supremacism directly to the people. We force a media discussion of the grim realities of jihad and Sharia that they usually sweep under the rug.
Atlas Shrugs and Jihadwatch are updated daily with the latest news on the global jihad and political current affairs. No one has better coverage.

Above photo: front page of The San Francisco Examiner with our ads highlighting Muslim oppression of gays under the sharia.
Here is just some of what we accomplished in 2013:
My Jihad Ads
.     When the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) rolled out a cynical and deceptive campaign designed to lull Americans into complacency about the jihad threat by making them think that jihad just meant getting in your exercise or taking the kids to school, I countered with an ad campaign depicting the actual words of jihad terrorists such as Osama bin Laden and Hamas, showing that all too many Muslims think jihad involves mass murder of Infidels. Of course, the mainstream media tried to obscure the fact that our campaign depicted actual quotes from actual jihadis -- but the truth was obvious to the public. We were inundated with emails thanking me for telling the truth about jihad after years of lies from government, law enforcement and the mainstream media.

VIDEO: CBS News on AFDI Ads: 'Killing Jews Is Worship' Ad

VIDEO ABC News Pro-Jihad Coverage "San Francisco

VIDEO: Showdown on San Francisco Transit: Firestorm over AFDI anti-jihad ads

In San Francisco, I ran ads condemning Islam's oppression of gays. You might have thought that San Francisco leaders would have welcomed such an initiative, but it turned out that the imperative to appease Islam trumped even concern for gay rights: in an unprecedented move, the San Francisco City Council denounced my ads in a public statement. The local media even termed them "anti-gay," even though we were standing for the rights of gays in Muslim countries. The hostility to our ads in San Francisco showed how deeply rooted the hatred for the West and Judeo-Christian civilization really is among today's societal leaders: even when we were defending what they ostensibly stood for, they denounced us, because we were pro-freedom and pro-human rights in ways that showed up their hypocrisy and capitulation to Sharia oppression. It was a sad indication of the cowardice and confusion of the present age.
Israel apartheid ads
·      Ads calling Israel an apartheid state ran on New York Metro platforms. Our Islamic apartheid ads immediately went up in subway stations in New York City and Washington, DC, to counter the Islamic supremacists’ lies and expose the truth about the Sharia.
For years, ads like this one have run unchallenged. But this time, we were there. Their lies did not stand unchallenged.



Honor Killing Ads
·      We ran ads in Edmonton, Alberta, offering help to Muslim girls living in fear of honor killing. But now even that is “racist”: Edmonton Transit caved in to Islamic supremacist demands and took our ads down.
.        The enemedia called our ads “dishonorable” and, above all, “controversial.” It’s “dishonorable” and “controversial” to save lives? Under the Sharia it is. Yet vicious blood libels against Israel are OK, and are running on transit systems across Canada.

Even though our ads were taken down, the coverage our initiative received drew unprecedented attention to the horror of honor killing. Look at the front page of the Edmonton Sun:

“Dishonourable ads pulled” Edmonton Sun

“ETS pulls controversial ‘Honour Killings’ advertisements CBC

“Controversial ads on Edmonton Transit Service buses will be removed” CTV News

“ETS removing ‘racist’ honour-killing ad” Edmonton Journal

We are not giving up. We are going to challenge their decision in Edmonton, and run the ads elsewhere in Canada. The fact that Islamic supremacist groups are so threatened by these ads shows how desperately they are needed. Clearly we struck a nerve: these Muslim groups don’t want people speaking out against honor killing, and so we have to speak out louder than ever.
FBI Global Terror Ads
·      Back in July the FBI ran a terrorism awareness campaign featuring bus ads depicting photos of 16 wanted terrorists, all of whom were Muslim. This was a campaign sponsored by the Joint Terrorism Task Force for the State Department’s Rewards for Justice program, or RFJ. But then leftists and Islamic supremacists complained that the ads were “Islamophobic,” and they came down – and Seattle is refusing to allow my group, the AFDI, to put them back up. This is sharia compliance.

We are suing. We have filed a motion asking the federal court in Seattle to order the King County transit authorities to run our anti-terrorism advertisement featuring photos of 16 of the world’s Most Wanted Terrorists. The link to the motion is here. Twelve years after the 9/11 jihad terror attacks, it has come to this: we have to file suit to fight against jihad terrorism, and the media calls us a “hate group” for doing it.

Equal Rights for Jews Campaign
·       Also in Seattle, “Palestinians” ran ads accusing Israel of stealing “Palestinian” territory, but we countered with ads that told the truth that “Palestinian” leaders have said that a “Palestinian” state would be entirely off-limits to Jews.

Muslims in Israel have equal rights with Jewish Israelis. By contrast, both the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad have gone on record saying that no Jews will be allowed to live in Palestine, and that all Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and Jewish neighborhoods built in post-67 Jerusalem will have to be emptied out before they will accept their state. They are demanding a Judenrein state.

Seattle Transit didn’t want to run our ad and made us submit an abundance of documentation (which the “Palestinian” hate ad sponsors had never had to do), but we fought and we won. We countered the vicious anti-Semitic “Palestinian” campaign with the truth.
That garnered a lot of media as well: 

VIDEO: FOX Seattle on AFDI Pro-Israel Ads Firestorm


Going forward. we are preparing a counter campign in Denver to combat a new vicious, antisemitic blood libel running on Denver buses. (below)

Quran Ads on every clock in NYC Subway Stations
When the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) ran ads featuring a quote from the Qur'an designed to mislead Americans about the nature and ideological underpinnings of the jihad threat, we countered with a quote from the Qur'an saying that Allah would "strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers" (3:151) and showing the burning World Trade Center towers. This depicted the reality of the jihad against the U.S. that CAIR was determined to obfuscate and obscure, so that we would be unable to defend ourselves adequately against it. Our ads ran on the 150+ clocks in the New York subway system, circumventing media denial by taking the truth directly to the people.

The British Ban Legal Battle
·      We’re also fighting a legal battle against our unjust ban from Britain. The British government uncritically accepted information about us given them by Leftists and Islamic supremacists – but we’re not taking it lying down. We have mounted a full appeal, and have contracted with British legal help.

With the British government letting in a steady stream of Islamic jihad leaders who preach blood and murder, to bar us for speaking the truth about jihad and calling for defense of equality of rights for all shows how far Britain is sunk. We could give up and leave them to their fate. But we’re committed to the fight for freedom: the fight against the ban is just about us, but about whether voices of freedom will still be allowed to be heard in Britain. We say: They must be.

SIOA Tradmark Lawsuit

·      In yet another legal battle, we’re challenging the U.S. Trademark Office’s denial of a trademark for our “Stop Islamization of America” name. The Trademark Office said the name denigrated all Muslims – a claim rendered ridiculous by the Muslims valiantly taking to the streets and fighting against Islamization in Egypt, toppling the Muslim Brotherhood regime there. We’re appealing their denial. Several news agencies recently covered our appeal, bringing previously unheard-of media attention to the all-important concept of Islamization.
911 AFDI Memorial and Press Conference
Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 12.00.09 AM
In between preparing and reviewing legal briefs, we held a Memorial and Press Conference at Ground Zero on September 11, 2013, the twelfth anniversary of the 9/11 jihad terror attacks at 1PM at the southwest corner of Zuccotti Park, at Church and Cedar streets in lower Manhattan (above). Robert Spencer and I hosted, and featured speakers were 9/11 family member Nelly Braginsky, 9/11 first responder Alan T. DeVona, and Coptic Christian human rights activist Ashraf Ramelah. We focused on the outrageous anti-American goings-on at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, and the need to tell the truth about Islamic jihad both at that Museum and in the public square – where the truth about Muslim persecution of non-Muslims in Egypt, Sudan and elsewhere is still largely ignored.
Free Speech Demo in Tennessee Against Proposed Criminalization of Social Media Postings that Offend Muslims

We held a major demonstration in defense of free speech (above) on June 4th in Manchester, Tennessee. An event entitled “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society” was held featuring Bill Killian, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, FBI Special Agent Kenneth Moore, and Zak Mohyuddin of the American Muslim Advisory Council. They spoke at length about hate crimes, hate speech, and how Tennesseans needed to be more inclusive and welcoming of the increasing numbers of Muslims in their midst – and spoke about criminalizing posts on social media considered offensive to Muslims.
We called for a protest of what was clearly an event designed to intimidate Americans into being afraid to criticize the elements of Islam that give rise to violence and supremacism, and nearly 2,000 protesters assembled at the Manchester Convention Center to register their disapproval of this latest Obama Administration attempt to silence criticism of jihad and Islamic supremacism.

Here are other initiatives we are working on but we cannot move forward without your support:

·      Our Call for Closure of Mosques That Breed Jihad Terror: We have called upon government and law enforcement authorities to close three U.S. mosques that have been established as breeding grounds for jihad terror.

·      AFDI Announces Platform for Defending Freedom: AFDI calls for the U.S. and other non-Muslim governments to recognize officially that Islam is a political movement and so not solely religious in the strict sense of the U.S. Constitution. AFDI recognizes that Islam in it mainstream theological formulations and its dominant form throughout its history, not “extremist Islam” or “hijacked Islam” or “Islamism,” but Islam in the Qur’an and Sunnah as understood by Islamic jurists and theologians, can and should be regarded as an authoritarian and supremacist political system as well as a religion, and thus that Muslim groups should be subject to all the scrutiny and legal requirements of political organizations, without being able to shield their political activities behind the protection of religious freedom.
No one else is doing what we are doing and no one is as effective as we have been. Please help us keep going and be even more effective in 2014.

Paypal us at We are a 501C3. Or send us a check. AFDI, Attention Pamela Geller, 1040 1st Avenue, #121, NY NY 10022.
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