Monday, October 28, 2013

The politics of doom and gloom is making some people very wealthy.

Entrepreneurs have always been the backbone of our Free Enterprise system. They risk their own capital to invest in their own or someone else's ideas and they deserve to wealth as their reward. We have also heard of fake charity scams, they are the dark side of entrepreneurs, some of which are quickly set up to capitalize on every disaster. Where there is money there is greed. And greed knows no boundaries because it feeds on politics from both ends of the spectrum.

Super storm Sandy devastated the southern shore of Long Island and the coastal towns of New Jersey. Both of these areas are solid Democrat strongholds so it was no wonder that Obama was quick to visit the stricken areas for photo ops and promises of help to the local politicians. The photo ops were real but the promises were just that, a lot of hot air. You just have to live in a tent city or a FEMA trailer for several months to appreciate that.

In a related story about the monumental flop in the ObamaCare web site that was created by the Canadian company CGI Federal, it was also mentioned that only 1.2 percent of the $60 billion federal aid package that was allocated, ever made it to the victims of the disaster. And it was CGI Federal who was placed in charge of dispersing the funds in the Disaster Housing Assistance Program. As with the ObamaCare web site, CGI Federal got the job without any competitive bids. Michelle Obama went to Princeton with one of the company executives. And one year later major portions of the devastated areas are still piled high with refuse from the storm, businesses are still closed and homes vacant. Like any war zone, large numbers of the population simply gave up and moved away.

Maybe that accounts for why the Democrats still keep getting elected. We all know that dead people vote. The voters names from the vacant homes were still in the Board of Elections database. You would still think the voters would hold them accountable for the promises they made and didn't keep.

Entrepreneurs have also invaded the right side of politics, as well. We learned from the 2012 elections that many conservative sounding groups had purchased email lists of Republican donors and flooded their mailboxes with appeals for funds in the name of dozens of candidates. And the candidates never saw a penny of it. Now, two years later, they are at it again. This time there seems to be a new group formed every day hawking every bad political headline trying to raise money to fight it. Campaigns to fight the U.N. gun grab and ObamaCare are raising millions but the only visible results seem to be paying for fancy postal mailings with print material. The generic use of the words Tea Party has spawned dozens of copycat groups which seem to be capitalizing on the few groups that started the movement four years ago. One doesn't know any more who to send a donation to that is the real deal and who is the scammer. Some groups don't even bother to create original text material any more. I have received strings of emails from different named groups with identical text in their messages. And a year after the 2012 elections I still get a half dozen letters every day, six days a week, asking for a contribution to one thing or another.

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