Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to make ObamaCare work - for the Republican Party

ObamaCare is the worst federal legislation in American history. It was created in secret and passed in the worst manner - in the middle of the night by lawmakers who had not even read the bill. It wasn't voted for by a single Republican, only the Democrat majority approved it. What it created was a government-run socialized medicine plan organized in the form of a ponzi scam. The costs of medical services for older people were to be paid for by the premiums of healthy young people who didn't need the plan. But worst of all was the insidious scheme to rob senior citizens of their Medicare to bolster the high costs for everyone else. The early rumors of the death panels, denied by the Democrats and the liberal news media, have turned out to be true. An unelected panel of bureaucrats will decide who among the sick will receive treatment and who will be denied.

The majority of Americans who were polled on ObamaCare have consistently been against it and only the Democrats have been supporting it; staking their reputations on its success. Conservative Republicans have led the charge against ObamaCare and only the RINOs, like John McCain and Mitch McConnell have helped keep it alive. One can only wonder why the Republicans haven't figured out a better strategy that can make ObamaCare work to their benefit. I have a better plan than they have.

1. Stop trying to delay it. ObamaCare is its own worst enemy. The sooner it is implemented the better.
2. Don't try to defund it or break it up with different effective dates for the Employer Mandate and the Individual Mandates. The sooner the full effect hits everyone the better.

The secret to making ObamaCare work for the Republican Party will be in the way the voters react to their experiences with it. When they get hit in their wallets with the astoundingly high deductibles and premiums and loss of preferred doctors and delayed treatment, they will be looking to take out their voter backlash anger on the people who created the mess in the next election - 2014. And that should leave the Democrats and the RINOs as the only people standing in the spotlight. If ObamaCare is delayed beyond the elections in 2014 it will only protect the Democrats. If the Democrats are sheltered by a delay in ObamaCare it will give them and their leftist co-conspirators in the news media the opportunity to blame the Republicans for the budget crisis and the government shutdown. In that case the Democrats might actually retake the majority in the House of Representatives.

The only thing the Republicans should do is remind the voters that this law was created by the Democrats and only the Democrats. It allowed employers to cut full-time working hours so they would not be required to provide healthcare for their part-time workers. It allowed exemptions to be granted to all the Democrat faithful as a reward for their loyalty. It is such a bad healthcare plan that the Democrat lawmakers didn't want to be covered by it and exempted themselves.
UPDATE: 10-26-2013
What others are saying about this argument.

Don't Delay Obamacare, Let Democrats Hang Themselves

But Christopher Ruddy, founder and CEO of Newsmax, makes an interesting point about this: “The key to stopping Obamacare is for its opponents to win in congressional elections in 2014. Delaying Obamacare only helps the Democrats who support this boondoggle.”

Mike Reagan: Don't Delay Obamacare, Let It 'Crash and Burn'

Republicans should leave the Affordable Care Act alone and let it crash and burn, President Ronald Reagan's son, Michael tells Newsmax.

"The consensus is, outside of Washington, let it go through, let the worst thing in the world actually happen, be able to tie it to the Democrats, and allow Republicans to use that as an issue to take back the Senate of the United States and add to the Congress of the United States in 2014," Reagan told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.


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