Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ode to The Animal Farm: Democrats prove when the Pigs rule, not all animals are equal.

When George Orwell penned the Animal Farm in 1945, the mighty Communist empire of the Soviet Union, which had been an ally of the Democratic administration during WWII, was expanding its global reach to become a threat to world peace. Orwell's Animal Farm became an allegory of what life under Communism would be like. The humans who had run the once peaceful farm could easily have been Republicans who were quickly replaced with an overnight revolution organized by a gang of pigs. The pigs, with all their cunning intelligence, had used the rest of the animals to help overthrow the humans in their quest for power. Then suddenly things changed. One morning a new sign appeared, boldly painted on the side of the barn: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." Now the allegory comes to fruition. The labor unions who had mobilized their captive membership to help a communist-mentored Democrat named Barack Hussein Obama win an election and take over a peaceful, once-Christian country, have been demoted from the elite privileged class. They have been told they are no longer equal to the other animals on the farm.

Administration rejects labor's request for ObamaCare subsidies

By Kevin Bogardus and Justin Sink - 09/13/13 06:54 PM ET 
The Obama administration on Friday denied a request from labor unions to have their healthcare plans receive tax subsidies under ObamaCare.

A White House official said the Treasury Department has determined that the healthcare plans used by many union members — known as multi-employer or Taft-Hartley plans — cannot be made eligible for subsidies that are intended to help uninsured people afford coverage.

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Woe be the plight of the common working class unions. They had faithfully followed their Marxist leaders and supported the Democratic Party with mindless obedience. They had poured into the townhall meetings that had been organized to discuss and debate the threat of Socialized Medicine that had been written behind closed doors and disrupted them. They had marched in parades along side the politicians they helped get elected and had surely hoped that when those politicians had begun to hand out subsidies to other groups to pay for the costs of ObamaCare they would get their share. When the politicians announced they would subsidize themselves and their staff the unions were encouraged. So they asked their Democratic Party leaders to do the same for them.

Too bad that they had never read the book or they would have learned their fate beforehand. They had been used and now they were being discarded. Washington, D.C. had become the real Animal Farm. 

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Minor postscript: Sometimes when animals are used to illustrate an allegory it creates a bit of confusion when the parable is injected into the real world. Case in point, the Pigs. Within the current communist oriented Democratic Party gang ruling our country their is also a decidedly influential group representing the pro-Islamic terrorist group The Muslim Brotherhood. It was reported yesterday that a few years ago when the FBI was tracking the movements of a high-ranking Muslim terrorist named Anwar al-Awlaki they followed him to the front door of The Pentagon where he had been invited to attend a meeting and luncheon with officials from the Defense Dept. Now Muslims, we are told, have a fanatical repulsion to all things related to pigs but at this luncheon the invitation, a copy of which had been obtained by FOX News, stated, ham and bacon were being served: 
Fox News was the first news organization to report that the cleric was invited to, and attended,  a luncheon at the Defense Department five months after the 9/11 attacks. More than 70 people were copied on the invitation, including the Department’s senior lawyers from the Office of General Counsel.
The invitation, obtained by Fox through the Freedom of Information Act, showed the proposed menu at an executive dining room included smoked ham and bacon sandwiches.
So what do we gather from all of this? A devout Muslim attending a luncheon that served ham and bacon? If we are to believe what the Council on American-Islamic Relations says, just being in the same room with pork products would drive all Muslims into a homicidal rage. Muslims also hate Jews as much as they hate pigs but Hillary Clinton's special assistant, Huma Abedin, another devout Muslim who coincidentally has connections to The Muslim Brotherhood is married to a Jew named Anthony Weiner, a perverted Democratic politician. And that little indiscretion is a big No, No in Islamic Sharia Law. Most definitely, "some are more equal than others".

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