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The George Zimmerman trial has become the best example of Democracy in Action. A case of Mob Rule.

One more time for the record: America is a Republic not a Democracy, lets keep it that way. That simple bumper sticker from the 1960s led me to a better understanding about what my country was supposed to be. The two words: Republic and Democracy, are bandied about every day without any attempt to understand what they mean. When we Pledge Allegiance To The Flag (some of us still do) we say "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." While liberals like to complain about the mention of "one nation under God" they fail when it comes to defining what "to the Republic for which it stands" means. Conservatives often point out the fact that the word Democracy does not appear in either The Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States of America and that the Founders of our nation has strong dislikes for the word. My education into politics also learned the origin of these two words. Republic, is a combination of two Latin words res and publica. The term res publica has a set of interrelated meanings in the original Latin. The term can quite literally be translated as "public matter" or "public thing" which has been translated to "the law". The word Democracy comes from two Greek words, "demos" the people and "kratia" means power or authority. The two words come to mean the people rule but on the other hand it is simply defined as "majority rule". While it serves some meaningful purpose when deciding the choices of a group of people as in an election, it is in total disagreement when it is compared to a Republic because a Democracy can also mean "mob rule" as in a lynch mob. 

And that mob rule part of Democracy is what is turning the George Zimmerman trial into a lynch mob.

The Democratic administration of Barack Hussein Obama has many faults. While it has been correctly characterized as Communist inspired and pro-Muslim, it is also blatantly racist. Never before in American history has an occupant in the White House made a critical comment about a civilian murder trial while the proceedings were still underway. Yet the Communist-mentored, pro-Muslim Barack Hussein Obama went on the news and spoke of his sympathy for the black thug who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman,  Obama said "If I had a son he would look like Trayvon." As things go in Washington politics, when the head of the Democratic Party, which Obama is, expresses his opinion, all the lower echelon followers go out of their way to please him. A good example is the IRS scandal that persecuted various Tea Party groups. So the Department of Justice, which has its own racist priorities, used its own community organizers to help create some racial demonstrations in Orlando, Florida to push for the prosecution of that "murdered teen" Trayvon Martin. Or the liberal news media that kept publishing child pictures of Trayvon Martin that were taken years before he was shot. Truly, Democracy in Action. One can only wonder if the same mob will be carrying a rope with them if the jury declares George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY. 

Democrats and liberals are never influenced by facts and they often try to distort them to add fuel to their arguments. Like NBC editing the tape of Zimmerman talking to the police dispatcher and removing a few words to make the statement that Zimmerman was profiling Martin because he was Black. George Zimmerman was volunteering as a neighborhood watchman in a closed gated community that had experienced some burglaries. George Zimmerman has a permit to carry a concealed weapon. In order to qualify for a concealed carry permit you need to have your background thoroughly checked out by the police or sheriff. In fact, the incidence of people with concealed carry permits committing crimes with guns is so infinitesimally small it is hard to measure, something like 1 in 10 million. On the night that George Zimmerman spotted Trayvon Martin he called his police dispatcher to report a suspicious person who appeared to be like he was on drugs. The dispatcher asked Zimmerman if the person was Black and Zimmerman responded, "Yes he looks Black." The suspect was in fact a 17-year old who had had several encounters with the police. He was also skilled in Mixed Martial Arts combat. George Zimmerman was a pudgy, overweight man who was no match for the younger, stronger Martin. As the defense attorney pointed out at trial, Trayvon Martin snuck up on George Zimmerman and sucker-punched him breaking his nose then knocked him to the ground and began smashing his head on the concrete. Zimmerman, yelled for help which was recorded on a phone call a neighbor made to the police and then, in fear of his life, managed to get his pistol upholstered and shot his attacker who was still on top of him. It is also noted that the called to the police described Martin on top of Zimmerman and the gunshot was heard seconds after Zimmerman's call for help. The forensic examiner hired by the defense testified that the shot was made at point blank range and the clothing worn by Trayvon Martin had powder burns on it to prove it.

But none of these facts swayed or influenced the racist Black mob stirred up by some equally racist Black politicians. From as far away as New York City they came to stir up the mob in Florida. The Black racist Attorney General, Eric Holder, who refused to prosecute the Black Panthers who intimidated voters in Philadelphia, sent down his organizers to assist in the demonstrations. As it revealed on Infowars: "It also emerged this week that the federal government encouraged and funded last year’s protests demanding the arrest of Zimmerman via the Community Relations Service, a division of the Department of Justice. Documents obtained by Judicial Watch show that the CRS was “deployed to Sanford, FL, following the Trayvon Martin shooting to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman,” spending millions of dollars in the process."

Judge In Zimmerman Case Pressured by Obama Administration?

Bizarre outburst against Zimmerman suggests prejudice

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
July 11, 2013
Speculation is raging that the judge in the George Zimmerman case could have been put under pressure by the Obama administration after she staged a bizarre outburst during which she interrogated Zimmerman while repeatedly silencing his lawyers.
 And further down.....
Given the likelihood that Zimmerman will be acquitted, has Judge Nelson been put under pressure by the federal government to aggressively advocate for the prosecution, just as Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was apparently pressured to vote to uphold Obamacare?
Read the rest here:
The judge at the trial, a life-long Democrat, went overboard to prejudice the jury against the defense, most likely because she was trying to please the administration in Washington. Perhaps, Judge Debra Nelson had high hopes for an appointment to a Federal Court by the Obama administration. One never knows what motivates a Democrat to do what they do.
The fate of George Zimmerman is now in the hands of the jury. A jury of 6 women, who will decide the fate of an innocent person. Thankfully, majority rule won't apply, they must all vote to convict or reach a finding of not guilty unanimously.  A criminal case that was politically motivated from the very beginning and one that should never have been prosecuted. A case of an individual using his gun in self defense that was turned into a show trial of Black racism. As I have said before, no thug who attacks another person has the right to declare the rules of combat. Trayvon Martin lost the fight he started because the person he attacked was able to defend himself with a gun because he wasn't strong enough to use his fists.
And as I update this story the jury has asked the judge to clarify the secondary charge of Manslaughter. I fear that this may result in another case where an innocent person went to jail because their lawyer convinced them not to take the stand and testify. This is a case of lawyer ego. I hope that I am wrong.


At 10 PM tonight the jury in Florida found George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY. I was relieved as were many others that justice was served and an innocent man was not convicted on the basis of a racist mob. I am most certain that George Zimmerman feels relieved as well but I think he will be looking over his shoulder for many years to come because of the threats made on his life. The prosecutor should be ashamed for putting this man through this ordeal solely because of the political pressure.

The day after the verdict:

The liberal news media still can't get their facts straight on the Zimmerman trial. We can expect them to keep fueling the fires for many months to come, stirring up the anger of racial hatred. And along with heat of the Summer season there will be the likes of Al Sharpton reminding their paid audiences of how the Black community was denied justice and they are privileged to riot and burn. The following paragraph is a perfect example of how they distort the facts. 
The jurors considered nearly three weeks of often wildly conflicting testimony over who was the aggressor on the rainy night the 17-year-old was shot while walking through the gated townhouse community where he was staying and where Zimmerman lived.
The "17-year-old" mentioned in the AP story is, of course, Trayvon Martin but he was not shot "while walking through the gated townhouse community" - he was shot while he was attacking George Zimmerman. He was shot at point blank range while on top of Zimmerman beating the crap out of him using his MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) skills. Had Zimmerman not managed to draw his weapon he likely would have been beaten to death. But these facts are not so obvious to the leftist news media who slants every story to fit their agenda.
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