Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Democrats destroyed Detroit, just like they're doing to America.

Everywhere Democrats go they leave a wake of destruction. If that sounds a bit too broad then consider this, Democrats are well known for making messes and leaving it for someone else to clean up. Three years ago at the height of the Tea Party movement, hundreds of thousands of conservative Americans traveled to Washington, D.C. to stage one of their many protests. You remember this famous aerial photo, don't you? 
Glenn Beck Rally 8-28-2010

Cleaning up their own mess.

This is what it looked like when they were finished. They cleaned up their own mess. Why? Because that is what good citizens do. Now the Democrats often stage rallies and protests, especially when their Dear Leader speaks, and this is what they leave when they go home. These photos were taken in Washington, D.C. after Obama's inauguration.
After Obama's inauguration in January 2009.
Lets now jump to the present day scandal involving the City of Detroit, Michigan filing for bankruptcy. Since 1962, the city government in Detroit has been run by Democrats. Democrats have a track record for looting the coffers of any municipality they take over and they use the money to pay exorbitant salaries and pensions to unionized city workers in exchange for their support in getting reelected. After a certain while, the pensions owed to the workers amounts to more than the city can pay and in Detroit the deficit is in the billions of dollars. There is just so much that can be raised in taxes to cover the deficits before the residents decide they have had enough and leave. And the businesses leave, too. In the course of running the city of Detroit into the ground, the population has declined by 2/3's. This is now what the city of Detroit looks like today. Just like after another Democrat rally.
Whether its chanting "Hail Satan" at a pro-choice rally in Texas (watch the video below), or trying to remove the name of God from the Democratic Party National Platform, at the national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, Democrats have an eerie talent for doing all things un-American. I ask myself often why do some people of good character actually belong to the Democratic Party?
Wednesday, July 3, 2013
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Conservatives sing "Amazing Grace" - Democrats Chant "Hail Satan!"

Video - The abortion battle in Texas was still raging Tuesday as both abortion supporters and pro-life activists flooded the State Capitol to make their voices heard. The Texas House and Senate reconvened briefly for a special session called by Gov. Rick Perry. One of the more bizarre tactics used by pro-abortion activists involved chanting "Hail Satan!" to harass a pro-life crowd as they sang "Amazing Grace."

Democrats under fire for removing ‘God’ from party platform

By Lauren Markoe| Religion News Service, September 05, 2012, Washington Post
The word “God” is nowhere to be found in the Democratic national platform this year, an omission Republicans have seized upon as a failure of their opponents to appreciate the divine’s place in American history.
Back in Charlotte, North Carolina, the motion to remove the name of God came from the delegates on the floor and they took three voice votes that clearly showed the majority in favor of the motion but the platform chairman, realizing the potential calamity, ruled that the motion had failed and the Democratic National Platform would retain the name of God. This only goes to show the depths of depravity and corruption shared by representatives of this political party. And now we have a Democratic candidate for Mayor of New York City, Anthony Weiner, who is leading the pack, who has admitted to sending sexually explicit texts and photos to women. And a Democrat in San Diego, accused of sexual harassment, and Democrats in Chicago and Detroit going to prison for various crimes of fraud and corruption. How can anyone in good faith be a Democrat?

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