Friday, April 26, 2013

Some observations on Boston's "Shelter in place" mentality.

I read a story many years ago about the collusion between the leaders of the Auto Workers Union and General Motors that bears a suggestive comparison to what happened in Boston a few weeks ago. All things being equal, the bombing of the Boston Marathon by two Muslims hell-bent on Islamic Jihad was a grand excuse for experimenting in crisis management when people were kept home from work and school and ordered to "shelter in place". It shows other prospective terrorists (and their government/media sympathizers) what can be accomplished with a little planning on a larger scale. And it showed how far government could go with public approval.

There was a time when General Motors had a need to retool one of its assembly lines in one of its factories to begin production of a new model car. The contract with the UAW would have mandated paychecks even during non-productive work days and since the assembly line would have been idled during the retooling process this was a very expensive plan. So, low and behold, the Union Shop Stewards suddenly called a strike for some made-up reason and pulled all the workers off the job. The strike lasted several weeks and coincidentally, ended shortly after General Motors had completed the retooled assembly line.

Now if an entire city of 3,259,443 people can be ordered to remain in their homes for an indefinite period, sheltering in place, while thousands of law enforcement people sweep entire neighborhoods looking for a single terrorist, while neighbors watched neighbors being forced at gunpoint to be herded away, imagine what could be accomplished on a larger scale. Imagine a crisis of such major proportions that the Federal government decided it could only be handled by declaring martial law across the entire nation. An entire nation under lock down. It could almost be imagined that when the crisis was "over" we could wake up and see our whole nation retooled into some new form of government. Our precious Constitution thrown onto a bonfire. And we might also find large segments of many neighborhoods suddenly uninhabited.  
My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides. And, yes, I have nightmares just like every other patriot. I fear the worst is yet to come.

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