Sunday, February 12, 2012

There are more reasons to throw Obama out of the White House then you can shake a stick at.

The following came today from Human Events to advertise a new book but the contents of that book described here provides a valid complaint about Barack Hussein Obama that America needs to know about. So consider this a free plug and a commentary that accurately describes the greatest threat America has ever faced. I also think that when the history of this generation is accurately written at some time in the future it will show that we have been made the victims of such a vast conspiracy to install a Marxist/Socialist puppet to oversee the destruction of our once-great country that many will not be able to comprehend it.

There's a lot of monkey business going on with the Constitution. We have judges who think it's a "living document", free to interpret at their "whim du jour" while other judges consult foreign countries for their decisions. We have a president who decides which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore. We have an attorney general who thinks his job is suing the states when they enforce the laws.

If only we could get James Madison on the phone!

Dear Fellow Conservative:

One of the scariest parts of the 44th President of the United States is his penchant to play fast and loose with the Constitution.

Obama has quickly transformed the Executive Branch into a much more powerful and secretive body than ever before. Lurking in the shadows are troops of Czars and other government officials, often appointed on Friday nights under the radar, who are not answerable to anybody but Obama. So much for transparency!

Ironically, all this comes from a guy who claims to be a Constitutional Law expert. But is he an expert? Is he right?

Even more importantly, how would the Founding Fathers really feel about all this? Did they give him these powers? Did they really believe in the "Living Constitution" theory that's caused so much titillation in liberal drawing rooms?


Our little chat with James Madison...
Turns out we got the next best thing to James Madison himself. Brion McClahahan's book, The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution has everything you want to know about our most important document, how and why it was written and what our founders would think about the highjinx going on today, including...

  • Did the Founding Fathers really believe the courts should "interpret" the laws?

  • Do we have the balance right between our three branches of government?

  • Are today's judges doing too much "legislating from the bench?"

  • Are states' rights being trampled by a federal power grab?

  • What happens when the executive branch refuses to enforce the laws?

  • So...should Obama be impeached?

  • All this, of course, is of paramount importance to us at Human Events. So we are making this "tell-all" book of the late 18th Century available to you, just for trying our Human Events introductory offer. In an age when everybody claims to have the inside track on what the Founding Fathers had on their mind, it's high time to get to the real truth, once and for all.

    Don't mistake this for just some faculty lounge argument over a decaf café latte and a croissant. This is serious. Using the Constitution as a cover, major changes are being made in our government while sweeping court decisions are diminishing our property rights, our personal lives and our freedom. Right in front of our eyes!

    This sort of insight is typical for Human Events. We don't pull punches. We don't conduct opinion polls to generate "news." Instead, we report to you what is happening and then dig even deeper to bring you the necessary background insight.

    Not surprisingly, we approach the world from an unapologetically Conservative perspective. There are plenty of other places to find liberal, progressive, socialist and even Marxist perspective. Just turn on your TV if you want proof.

    More than political sports reporting.
    This Constitutional mumbo-jumbo is the type of question that Human Events loves to tackle. Instead of joining the political sports reporters in handicappingthe next primary vote or "oohing and aahing" over the latest opinion poll turnaroundor bumper sticker phrase from focus-panel land, Human Events goes to the heart of the matter, giving you an in depth adult analysis of what's really happening and what's really important.

    Typical things we dig up under the rocks:
  • The roots of Obama's hatred of capitalism and American society.

  • The cozy relationship between Obama, big business, unions, big education, and the environmental movement.

  • Obama's blatant pursuit of race based justice.

  • Our government's gagging of honest discussion about the threat of radical Islam.

  • The Detroit mess including the uber-expensive Voltwagen, cash for clunkers, the screwing of bond-holders and dealers in favor of the unions.

  • Solyndra and other enviro-crony adventures.

  • It's time to subscribe
    As an intelligent conservative reader, I imagine that you are getting my "gist". And by now, you may have noticed the plethora of subtle red buttons throughout my message. I want you to take full advantage of our current benevolence and largess and subscribe to Human Events at the preposterously generous price of only $39.95 for 30 issues. This cost is so low, I don't know how we can afford the ink, let alone felling the trees. But I'll leave those details to the printing and lumberjack departments. But, suffice it to say, the advantage here is all yours.


    Even a money-back guarantee
    Just in case you fall into some sort of teleprompter induced liberal swoon during the next few months and decide that we are being too critical of the president, we will even guarantee your money back for any reason without even asking you what we've done wrong.

    A free gift as an incentive

    And, back to the subject of benevolence and largess, I will also throw in the book in question, The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution by Brion McClanahan.

    Time is of the essence. The next few months will be extremely dangerous on your mental health. Imagine what $1 billion worth of "Yes we can!" (or its 2012 equivalent) chanting will feel like without a sage, savvy and irreverent conservative friend at your side. May I suggest our team at Human Events as the solution to offer the necessary empathy, commiseration and laughter as applicable. So please subscribe today. America needs you with us this year.


    Thomas S. Winter
    Editor in Chief, Human Events

    P.S. In addition to what you'll be getting from each and every issue of Human Events, you'll also have that warm feeling inside that you are helping to promote the cause by supporting our nation's leading conservative publication since 1944. It was Ronald Reagan's favorite.

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