Monday, February 27, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama denies the reality of Islamic massacre at Fort Hood by another Muslim.

The Obama administration’s denial of reality—
and why Rep. Allen West’s Purple Heart
legislation is so important

Please add your name today!

Dear Nelson,

Last week we emailed you about our open letter to the chairmen of both the U.S. House and Senate Armed Services Committees. The letter calls on the committees to take up and pass H.R. 1142, sponsored by Rep. Allen West, which would confer the Purple Heart upon victims of jihadist attacks (Ft. Hood, the Little Rock Recruitment Center, etc.).

Doing so would correct a grave injustice. It would also shine a light on a reality the Obama administration is desperately trying to deny:

  • that there is a jihadist ideology;
  • that the primary meaning of the doctrine of jihad has always been warfare against non-Muslims;
  • that the perpetrators of jihadist violence are not mere “criminals”—they are enemy combatants who deserve to be treated as enemy combatants;
  • and that their victims, such as at Ft. Hood and the Little Rock Recruitment Center, are not victims of “crime” or “workplace violence,” but are victims of an act of war—jihad.
The Obama administration has gone so far in acting on this denial that, at the insistence of radical Muslim organizations, it is expunging any references to “jihad” or “radical Islam” from FBI terrorism training manuals.

This pattern of denial by the Obama administration can be seen in other areas. Recently, Gen. Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made the incredulous statement that Iran is a “rational actor” and is not trying to develop nuclear weapons.

This illustrates a triumph of wishful thinking, or perhaps wishful parsing of intelligence data, over an understanding of religious doctrinal beliefs that are at least in part driving Iran’s leaders on its path toward nuclear weaponry. When Ahmadinejad, Khameini, or any other Iranian leader, express their belief in the return of the 12th imam, and how a worldwide apocalypse must occur before this happens, we should take them at their word. What better way to instigate a worldwide apocalypse than to launch nuclear weapons?

But instead of taking this seriously, it seems that this administration dismisses such notions as crazy ramblings, because, after all, no one in our leadership would ever believe such a thing.

The Obama administration has also been exhibiting a denial of reality in the way it is responding to the accidental burning of some Qur’ans in Afghanistan. It has trotted out one apology after another, from different leaders in the administration, even going so far as to promise that those who burned the Qur’ans will be held accountable.

(Interestingly, some modern and ancient Islamic authorities specifically sanction the burning of Qur’ans as a proper means of disposal. To find out more see this enlightening article by our friend and colleague Andrew Bostom.)

The Obama administration actions have been undertaken in the hope that this would somehow assuage the wrath of the Afghan rioters, when in fact it denies the reality that such repeated pleas for forgiveness are doing the exact opposite, like throwing gasoline on a fire. The Obama administration’s actions are emboldening the rioters and have failed to achieve their purported goal.

Every person who signs the Purple Heart letter is not only calling on Congress to correct a grave injustice, he or she is sending a message that we have lost patience with the denial of the reality that jihad is what is motivating Islamic terrorists and that jihad is an act of war.

So if you haven’t yet signed the Purple Heart letter, for the sake of the victims at Ft. Hood and Little Rock, please add your name today.


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