Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yes, I remember the morning of September 11, 2001. I remember a neighbor waking me up with a phone call a few minutes before 9 AM that morning. "Turn on the TV" she said. "What channel?" I replied. "All of them." came the answer. At the time I was working the afternoon shift in the aircraft maintenance office at CVG airport as an Expediter for Delta Air Lines. Because I got home after midnight, I got to bed late and slept late, but not that day. After watching the confusing scene coming from the New York television networks trying to understand what had happened to the North Tower of the World Trade Center I was shaken even more when the second passenger jet flew into the South Tower. It came out of the corner of the TV screen as a fast moving small black shape and created an immense fireball when it struck the building. At first, no one even knew what it was but then the newscasters began playing back the tape in slow motion and we saw it was a jet plane. Then we all realized that this was not an accident. We watched in horror as the first tower collapsed and then the second tower crumbled to the ground in a cloud of dust that seemed to cover Manhattan Island. I realized how many tens of thousands of people worked in those two buildings and tried to comprehend a death toll of 25,000 people or more. The thought boggled my mind. America were being attacked and we were at war.

A few hours later I had to tear myself away from the TV and get ready for work. Before I left the news was reporting that a third passenger jet had crashed into the Pentagon and the FAA had issued an order to all airliners to land at the nearest airport and stay on the ground until further notice. Every airplane flying into U.S. airspace was affected. Inbound Trans-Atlantic flights were either told to return to the airport of departure or to land at the nearest airport in North America. Gander, Newfoundland was a small town of 15,000 people in Canada with an emergency airport that suddenly acquired 39 jets and 7,500 passengers. Dozens more were forced to land at another emergency airport in Bangor, Maine. And all the airplanes remained on the ground for several days afterward. The same scene was repeated on the West Coast. As a precaution, the skies across America were swiftly cleared of anything flying except military aircraft. No one seemed to know exactly what was going on but it was obvious that passenger planes were being hijacked and used as flying bombs. 

When I got to work everyone was standing around in numbed silence. This was the second time in my 40-year airline career that I had experienced a terrorist attack. Before I started working for Delta Air Lines, I was a duty manager in Technical Logistics for Pan Am at JFK. The first time I had lived through such a feeling was the night of December 21, 1988 when Pan Am flight 103 had blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland. When I had arrived at work everyone was watching a live television feed from London, England showing the fires burning at the crash site. Muslim terrorists from Libya had placed a bomb in the cargo hold of a Pan Am B747 aircraft. Now, in 2001, we learned that Muslim terrorists had actually sent 19 people to flight schools to learn how to fly B767 airplanes so they could hijack them and fly them into buildings. Three months after 9-11-2001 the airlines were still trying to recover the financial losses from this disaster, I cut short my career and retired. I am convinced to this day that we are still at war with Islam and have been for two decades, but the liberal news and our government won't admit it.
We cannot begin to win a war when our leaders can't even say the name of the enemy. Christians and Jews don't fly airplanes into buildings in God's name. Muslims do. Muslims who belong to a religion that honors and glorifies death and suicide do. Muslims who believe in the strict word in the Qur'an to wage war against non-believers do these things because Islam has declared war on America and the free world.
And if there are any Muslims in America who disagree with my feelings, I have one question for you. If you truly believe you are as American as I am, when are you going to denounce your fellow Muslims who support terrorist activities and terrorist groups such as CAIR, ISA, MSA and the Muslim Brotherhood? When?

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  1. Oldironsides,

    I'm with you - never forget and prosecute this war to a victorious conclusion.


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