Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bob Unruh continues to make a fool of himself ignoring international law.

First things first. I admire and respect WorldNet Daily as a source for reliable conservative news. In spite of that admission I have found myself in disagreement with some of the attacks initiated by based solely upon personal bias and opinion, i.e. Ann Coulter accepting a speaking engagement with the conservative homosexual GOP group Gay Proud, because WND defends the bible's condemnation of homosexuality. Secondly, I dislike Saudi Arabia more than any other country in the world. I would prefer to see every American leave that country, close all U.S. military bases there and have all U.S. military personnel brought home. That said, I am becoming disgusted with the apparently ignorant rants being written by WND columnist Bob Unruh about Delta Air Lines and Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Bob Unruh seems to think that the laws of the United States of America should apply to every foreign country in the world. Here is a clue, Bob, our laws end at the 200-mile territorial limit. But in the world of international commercial air travel there is one rule that trumps all American laws and that is that the laws applicable in the destination country apply to the departing aircraft before it leaves the ground. As it works in the USA, all airline personnel are required to check passengers for a valid passport and, if required, a visa to enter the destination country issued by that country’s Consulate in the USA. If any passenger fails to produce these documents they are not permitted by law to board the departing aircraft. One more thing, Bob, about those quotes from Delta Air Lines to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, what Delta was being accused of was merely trying to be helpful to the traveling public, not discriminatory,  because they knew the passenger would be in trouble if they were not made aware of the situation. 
Delta recently tried to take itself out of the controversy by meeting with the Simon Wiesenthal Center and issuing a statement that it would not "request that customers declare their religious affiliation" and "would also not seek such information on behalf of any Sky Team partner or any airline. 
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Once again Bob Unruh has written a whole piece around a controversial issue raised by a Jew concerning Saudi Arabian Airlines. Here he takes the position in agreement with Washington attorney Jeffrey A. Lovitky who thinks that the New York Port Authority, which runs JFK airport, should stop Saudi Arabian Airlines from using discriminating practices against Jews who want to fly to Saudi Arabia. Considering the barbaric Sharia laws practiced in that despicable country, I can’t imagine any Jew in their right mind even wanting to fly there. But there is a point raised in the article that also applies to Christians. It is against the law in Saudi Arabia to carry or display any religious articles other than Islam. No Christian may bring a Holy Bible or religious medal or rosary beads because if they are found when you get there you will be thrown in prison. That is the law in Saudi Arabia. I don’t like their laws and don’t ever want to see their version of Sharia law in my country but never-the-less, it is their law. I would also hope that any airline that flies American Christians to Saudi Arabia advises them about those laws, too. Saudi Arabia is the country that gave America 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9-11-2001. This is the country that has financed the construction of hundreds of mosques in America that all distribute radical, anti-American Wahhabi literature. This is the country that is the home of Mecca, the central origin of Islam where every Muslim in the world goes to on their pilgrimage.
Unruh’s article writes the following from attorney Jeffrey A. Lovitky’s letter:
The New York Port Authority has been asked to investigate what state and federal anti-discrimination laws might be violated by imposing anti-Jewish Islamic restrictions on passengers boarding flights to Jeddah from the publicly owned JFK Airport.
The request has been brought by a Washington attorney who first raised questions about Delta Air Lines and its new agreement to include Saudi Arabian Airlines in its Sky Team Alliance of airlines.
Saudi Arabia bars Jews and passengers with Israeli passports and Israeli stamps in their passports from boarding flights to the desert kingdom.
"In this respect, the impact of any discriminatory conduct would take place at JFK airport, and not just inside of Saudi Arabia," wrote attorney Jeffrey A. Lovitky in a recent letter to the agency.
Those state and federal anti-discrimination laws only apply to American soil, Mr. Lovitky. Would you want those Jews to be boarded on the airplane at JFK and then arrested when they arrive in Jeddah?
Now as far as Saudi Arabia goes, the airline may be doing a service to those passengers by stopping them at the boarding gates if they fail to comply with the laws of the destination country. Because if those passengers were not stopped they would be in great jeopardy when they arrived at their destination. It is far better to be stopped from boarding an airplane than it is to be arrested and thrown into prison in such a barbaric civilization when you get there. And aside from Saudi Arabian Airlines, any other airline would be heavily fined by the destination country if they carried a passenger that did not have a valid passport or visa. You cannot board any international flight without a passport and that rule also applies to every country that requires a visa.

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