Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Patriot Humor

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Idiots in Government

Reviewer Michael Scott says, "Absolutely capital idea for a book, because clearly complete idiots are under represented in the ranks of government employees. Ah, just what we need. More idiots working for the government."

Oh, the irony

We were dismayed recently to find on our YouTube channel an ad for Barack Obama's re-election campaign. Talk about advertising FAIL.

A Tale of Two Buses

At top, Sarah Palin's bus. At bottom, Barack Obama's. Each speaks volumes about its riders.

London 2012

London's logo for the 2012 Olympic games has been inadvertently revised due to the recent riots:

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Million Obama Dollar bill

It's Obama funny money! Just the thing for paying taxes, making "change", purchasing Obama healthcare and more! We are sure you'll come up with a million uses of your own for this Million Obama dollar bill. The same size as U.S. currency. Set of 2 bills.

And now for a cartoon

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