Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to keep America safe from another Islamic terrorist attack.

Scratch your head often enough and the static electricity may cause a light bulb to go off. Such was the sudden unexpected illumination of understanding that I just got after reading about Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano instructing American citizens to be on the look out for suspicious activities that may lead to another terrorist attack. The Department of Homeland Security says, in a new instructional video made for broadcast television that a typical female terrorist would be a well dressed white woman between the ages of 20 to 30 years old, and the typical male terrorist would also be a white man, also between 20-30 years old, casually dressed and possibly carry a laptop, iPod or cell phone. Here is the video:
Now we all remember that Homeland Security came out with an official document distributed to every law enforcement agency in America two years ago that cautioned them to look out for citizens driving cars with bumper stickers with radical messages about being an advocate of Pro-Life or the 2nd Amendment Right To Bear Arms, or they might be people favoring third party political candidates or even U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. This document, (U//FOUO) Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment, can still be downloaded from the government web site by clicking the link. Well now they are handing out brochures with a similar message to the general public telling them to be suspicious and report everything to the police. I seem to recall that another dictator named Adolf Hitler tried that in Germany with his Brown Shirts to identify the Jews.  Here is one such pamphlet from our own DHS.

So what does all this false information blaming terrorist activity on white people got to do with preventing Islamic terrorists from another attack? It has to do with some cunningly deceptive logic. Since there appears to be a huge Muslim influence in America emanating from the White House, and the head of this effort is none other than a would be Muslim himself, Barack Hussein Obama, the logic is that another attack by Islamic terrorists would be counterproductive to Obama's attempts to get reelected next year. Mr. Obama, it should be noted, has appointed two Muslims to key posts in the Dept. of Homeland Security and that has been a matter of public record. Barack Hussein Obama has made numerous speeches stating his admiration for Islam and his extensive knowledge of the Arabic language and the Quran. In short, Obama has placed himself smack in the middle of the Islamic controversy by claiming he is on their side. Obama is the biggest friend of Islam in the Western Hemisphere. For any Muslim to engage in another World Trade Center-scale attack would severely damage Obama's cesspool-level popularity so he has endeavored to shift the blame to all those white, Christian, Bible and gun loving fanatics. Should any Muslims carry off another attack it would become very embarrassing.
This virtually guarantees that America will remain safe until after the 2012 elections. After 2012, if Obama and the Democratic Socialists are still in charge, we may be looking at another American Revolution of a different kind so the safety concerns will be off the table. His plans are already in the works to transfer American Sovereignty to the United Nations.

And as a back up plan, if the millions of starving, unemployed citizens who have lost their homes to foreclosure be tempted to engage in food riots next year, I am sure that the Dept. of Homeland Security will be among the first to recommend that Martial Law be declared and the 2012 elections postponed indefinitely. Then Obama can become our Great Leader for life.

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