Thursday, June 2, 2011

Video: Recruiting a jihadist martyr

I am somewhat reluctant to post this video on my blog for the same reasons that I hesitate to quote extensive passages from the Qur'an that instigate violence. If you browse over to the ClusterMap hit counter in the left margin you will notice that quite a few places in Muslim countries have visited this blog and viewed my comments. The one thing that is not needed in this world is one more place that tells some otherwise good Muslims that they must do bad things because it was commanded by their prophet. Never-the-less, this video came in an email from the group ACT! for America and it deserves to be passed around.
Video: Recruiting a jihadist martyr

A chilling 2:50 video demonstrates the relationship between jihadist ideology and terrorism that the Obama administration so obsessively denies.

In the video you will see how a suicide bomber is recruited through the call to jihad.

Sun Tzu, in his classic work The Art of War, states that you must know your enemy in order to defeat your enemy.

It is jihad that motivates our enemies. It is jihad that motivated the Ft. Hood shooter, Christmas Day bomber, and the Times Square bomber. It is jihad that motivates the Muslim Brotherhood.
ACT for America
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