Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sarah Palin & Allen West: My dream ticket for the 2012 Republican Presidential campaign.

The following blog post comes from the New Zealand web site of Trevor Loudon. I cannot agree more with Mr. Loudon's conclusions. Our only hope of saving Western Civilization is to encourage these two great Americans to enter the race and to support and elect Sarah Palin and Allen West for president and vice-president of the United States. As previously noted, Trevor Loudon runs the web site that used to be called the New Zeal and this web site has the largest depository of background information on Barack Hussein Obama, II in the world. The New Zeal was the first web site to discover Obama's connection to the Marxist-Socialist New Party in Chicago, Illinois when he first entered politics.
Palin/West 2012?
Submitted by Trevor on June 9, 2011 – 5:51 am EST

 Congressman Allen West shakes hands with former governor Sarah Palin.
2012: Last Chance to Save Western Civilization?
Submitted by Trevor on June 9, 2011 – 4:53 am

At last! Someone who gets what this game is all about.

That is, the looming  military destruction of mankind’s last, best hope – the United States of America, and the  subsequent end of Western civilization.

From the American Spectator, Peter Ferrara’s The Coming Crash of 2013
    Because of the willfully mindless irresponsibility and ideological self-indulgence of Obamanomics, America is mortally vulnerable to another recession at any time soon. The result would be precisely the national bankruptcy of Greece, where we cannot raise in the world credit markets the further debt to finance what will be well over half of our budgeted federal spending. We are already borrowing and adding to the debt to finance 43% of our federal spending today.

    That is bad enough for a puny, insignificant nation like Greece, where riots increasingly leave the government dysfunctional, with the EU likely to take over the country effectively. But what is the effect when that happens to the world’s supposed superpower? America financed World War II by running up our national debt to its all-time record as a percent of GDP (for now). But that won’t be possible when we have already run ourselves into national bankruptcy.

    Our potential military enemies will be quite aware of this historic vulnerability of America. Just as Reagan brought us Peace through Strength, Obamanomics will be inviting War through Weakness. With a 2013 American economic collapse that will also disable the entire West, the world’s uncivilized rogues from Russia, to China, to North Korea, to the Middle East Islamists dreaming of renewed world conquest, will all be tempted probably beyond resistance and reason to strike. They don’t need even to attack the homeland to deal America a decisive defeat. They can just decimate our suddenly overwhelmed allies, from Israel to South Korea to Taiwan to our allies in the Middle East, let alone some even in Europe.

    The only way to get off this bullet train to oblivion is to radically reverse Obamanomics in dogged detail. The American people get one more chance to do that in 2012.
2012 is not the last chance for America. It is the last chance for the planet – period.

If Obama,  the  Democrats and RINO traitors are allowed to completely destroy the American economy, America’s multiple enemies will almost certainly unite to wipe the United States of America and its few remaining allies off the map.

This isn’t about recession versus depression, this is about survival versus annihilation.

Once America falls, world totalitarian dictatorship will quickly follow. Civilization, as we know it will end.

Those are the stakes readers. Sorry to be so blunt and bleak, but that is what we are facing if Obama is not defeated, and the republic not  turned around,  in only a few short months time.

If Obama and his allies are not defeated in 2012, the West may possibly survive, but only by a miracle, not by our own efforts.

We can all believe in miracles, but would you bet your child’s life on one?



  1. I prefer West/Bachmann or Cain/Bachmann or Rick Perry anywhere therein. Palin is too polarizing and if you examine what she did in Alaska (ACES) or what we call, Alaska Clearly Entering Socialism, you'll change your tune. Bachmann is a Conservative, tried and true, and just as scrappy as Palin. Palin would be a GREAT RNC chairwoman or Ambassador to the UN!

  2. I like Michelle Bachmann too but she doesn't pull in the crowds like Sarah Palin. Her poll numbers have been in single digits even among Republicans. The one thing about both women I don't like is they both reject the Obama birth certificate controversy. The best way to defeat Obama is to attack him personally because everything about him is a fraud.


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