Monday, August 30, 2010

NRA supports Democrats who support amnesty and gun control

Yeah, I know, every one says it - all the time: The NRA is a single issue organization that does not concern itself with anything other than protecting our Second Amendment rights. Damn the rest of the planks that hold the ship together, that 2nd Amendment plank will be secure all the way to bottom of the ocean after the ship falls apart and sinks. The NRA is so dedicated to focusing on gun rights it even wears blinders so it cannot see what else is going on around it. The NRA solicits money from its members to support its legislative programs and to help supposedly pro-gun politicians get elected. Supposedly is a broad word that requires you to have your eyes wide open to see the whole picture. Any candidate for Congress is required to swear allegiance to the political platform of his or her party and the national platform of the Democratic Party supports gun control. Here is the complete section from the National Platform of the Democratic Party on Firearms. While they begin by saying the recognize the right to bear arms they plainly call for "reasonable regulation" and "commonsense laws". That means Gun Control!
So what is the latest kick the NRA is using to raise money? Well, the flyer that came today raises a point about 595,000 criminal aliens who are in America today because our border security laws haven't been enforced. Just who is preventing those laws from being enforced? Its the Democrats who control Congress thanks in part to the 52 Democrats the NRA helped get elected in 2008. When the state of Arizona, out of desperation to put some form of border security in place, passed a law that simply gave a police officer the responsibility to check the citizenship of any person stopped for questioning in other matters it was the Democratic majority in Congress who loudly condemned the move. It is also those same Democrats who are pushing for an amnesty program to grant citizenship to every illegal immigrant presently on American soil - which also includes those 595,000 criminals. It is also those same Democrats who are desperately seeking votes from those same illegal immigrants who will be expected to show great appreciation for their newly found rights as an American citizen.

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