Thursday, August 19, 2010

And what about the mosques? Follow-up to my fear about Islam post.

My blog yesterday covered reasons why people should fear Muslims and Islam. Previous posts have explained why there is so much opposition to mosques in general which are springing up like weeds around the country. While opposition to local mosques have received scattered publicity, the planned mega-sized mosque 600 feet away from Ground Zero in New York City has garnered the attention of the entire nation. The mosque, from the viewpoint of Islamists, is a symbol of conquest. Historically, Islam has converted churches and synagogues into mosques in every country they conquered. Countries under complete Islamic Sharia rule do not even permit the existence of any other form of religious worship. I have even made a logical comparison between modern day mosques in America to the forts our government built during our western expansion. But some people still ask, why should mosques be opposed? If we had a truly impartial news media that explained all the facts, you would know that mosques in America have been used for recruitment and training of terrorists by radical Islamic clerics.
Take a look at the following map prepared by the Investigative Project on Terrorism that shows the location of mosques across America involved in known criminal terrorist activity.
There is an interactive version of this map found on this link:
Click on any of the place markers on this map to read the details. Then, on their web site, visit the Research section and read more news.

Just 100 miles north of here just outside Columbus, Ohio is the American Islamic Waqf Noor Islamic Cultural Center mosque in Dublin, Ohio which has been the location for numerous radical Muslim affairs. See the details in Central Ohioans Against Terrorism web site.

The only thing necessary to convert peace-loving Muslims into radical Muslims is for some Iman to remind them of their obligation to follow every command contained in the Qur'an.  And recent polls have shown that more than 25% of young Muslims in America see nothing wrong with terrorist activity. The majority of mosques in America have been financed by Saudi Arabia and those financial arrangements all contain conditions that those mosques will include Wahhabi textbook materials that condemn Western Culture and our form of government. According to the basic teachings of Islam, all governments must follow Islamic Sharia Law, the most barbaric, uncivilized form of rule.
Even so called moderate Islamic countries, such as Morocco, the place of my father's birth, follow strict Islamic Sharia law. The late King Hassan II of Morocco who died eleven years ago gave a revealing explanation of what all Muslims are expected to be. Following is a brief video of part of an interview with King Hassan II along with an English translation.


  1. Words to Live and Die by

    Consider the following video as preface to this article on the subject of why Democrats are so nitwitty that they can’t comprehend the difference between actual reality and their miasmic interpretation and misunderstanding of what is real.

    The video features that peace-lovin’, diversity-endorsing, monster mosque-building, in-yer-face-America-we-won-you-lost Islamic terrorist-without-portfolio, Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf’s comments following September 11th, 2001:

    Imaf Rauf is the same Muslim whose project to build that monster mosque/recreation center/restaurant/gymnasium/meeting place/ cultural-exchange locale and generally jolly old Islamic fun place to be place has been heartily endorsed by Democrat Governor David Patterson, Democrat Senator Chuckie Schumer, life-long Democrat Mayor Boomboom, Democrat gubernatorial aspirant Chris Cuomo, and virtually every other Democrat in the nation.

    New York Governor-by-default Patterson last week tossed in a sweet freebie for Rauf and his monster mosque. With New York teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, the ever-generous Democrat . . .
    (

  2. Sharia, Part Two: Imam Rauf's Jihad Against America

    I’m about as sick of writing about mosques, Muslims, Sharia, Islam, Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf, and Muhammad as readers are sick of reading and hearing about them.

    Yet to suspend attention to them at what might be the most critical juncture in America’s history is to surrender to those forces dedicated to the defeat and dismantling of America as we know it.

    Symbolized by the Ground Zero Monster Mosque, Muslims and Islam, with Rauf acting as their commander, are intent on capitalizing on their victory of September 11th, 2001, defeating America in our decades-long war on terror, and subjugating Americans to the brutal strictures of Sharia law.

    As I concluded Part One of this series, “Think it can’t happen here? September 11th, 2001 couldn’t happen here, but it did.” And it could be repeated.

    As per usual, the Democrat Party has taken an almost united stance of support on the issue of Imam Rauf’s obsession with building his 15 story, $100,000,000 mosque-cultural center-gymnasium-restaurant-fun place massage parlor near the hallowed site of Ground Zero.

    Unlike Christians’ lack of rights to erect a cathedral, a church, even a chapel in Mecca and Medina, Rauf has every constitutional right to build his mosque and no American has disputed that right. Having a right and doing what’s right are vastly different, however.

    Joining with the Islamic Raufians, the formerly-reputable Democrat Party has ironically discovered deep within its bowels a renewed, long-lost concern for religiosity and religious freedom and the First Amendment.

    Democrats have condemned those who oppose Rauf’s project as bigoted, racist, un-Americans for seeking to deny Rauf’s grand scheme to trumpet Islam’s triumph of nine years ago by building a garish monument to Islam’s greatest victory over the infidel Christians since Saladin captured Jerusalem in A.D. 1187. . .
    (


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