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Islam is not "The religion of peace". Islam is full of lies, hatred and deceit.

Many years ago, during the cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States, an observer who was very familiar with communism stated: Peace to a communist means the absence of resistance to communism. Throughout modern history many oppressive groups have tossed around the word "Peace" and they all seem to have a similar definition. Today, followers of Islam claim they are "The religion of peace" and at the same time say that "Islam" means "Submission". The opposite of submission is resistance, so it stands that only those who submit to Islam will have peace.

Those who are familiar with Islam know that the Quran (Koran) contains explicit rules regarding high crimes against their religion along with draconian forms of punishment such as chopping off fingers, hands, feet and heads. Among the most severe crimes spelled out in the Quran is anything that Muslims consider to be an insult against the prophet Muhammad. Another is reserved for any Muslim who converts to another religion. Those who fall into the later are called Apostates, which in the eyes of Islam is punishable by death and those insults against the prophet can be anything, including drawing a picture of him. When the writers of the cartoon series South Park included a picture of Muhammad in their episode about super heroes, they received death threats from all over the world. Comedy Central, the network that broadcasts South Park, began to censor any mention of Muhammad. To retaliate against that censorship and to illustrate American's love for Freedom of Speech, a page was started on Facebook called Everybody Draw Muhammad Day and set May 20th as the day to celebrate the event. Thousands of people posted their drawings. A few weeks later the people running Facebook removed the page and all of the drawings but that didn't end the controversy. 

Bare Naked Islam (BNI) reports: "Facebook apologizes over ‘blasphemy’ Pakistan says Facebook has apologized to the country and has removed the blasphemous content that had prompted Islamabad to ban the social networking website.
“In response to our protest, Facebook has tendered their apology and informed us that all the sacrilegious material has been removed from the URL,” Najibullah Malik, secretary of Pakistan’s information technology ministry, was quoted by AP as saying on Monday.  Islamabad, in turn, lifted a ban it had imposed on the social networking website, after Facebook assured the Pakistani government that “nothing of this sort will happen in the future,” Malik said."
Then a story appeared on May 23, 2010 in The News International, a pro-Islamic web site in Lahore, Pakistan, that says Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is being investigated by Pakistani police under a section of the penal code that makes blasphemy against the prophet Muhammad punishable by death.

BNI writes: "According to English-language Pakistani newspaper The News International, a Pakistani High Court judge summoned the police after lawyer Muhammad Azhar Siddique filed an application for a First Information Report (FIR), claiming that the owners of Facebook had committed a heinous and serious crime under Section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code. In essence, an FIR launches a criminal investigation."

Here is the full text from The News International story:
 SHO summoned on plea for case against Facebook
Sunday, May 23, 2010
By Our Correspondent


ADDITIONAL District and Sessions Judge Nazar Hussain on Saturday summoned the station house officer (SHO) Civil Lines in a petition seeking registration of a criminal case against owners of Facebook for hosting a blasphemous cartoon contest.

The petition was filed by Muhammad Azhar Siddique, chairman of the Judicial Activism Panel (JAP), who informed the court that an application for registration of an FIR was filed with the Civil Lines Police but the SHO was reluctant to proceed on the application. He argued that the blasphemous act of Facebook amounted to infringement of social of values, national and international laws and protocols as well as the Charter of the United Nations. He said the owners of Facebook (Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz), the artist (Andy) and the management of the website had committed a heinous and serious crime under Section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code, 1860 (PPC) read with Section 109 of the PPC as well as other provisions of law in this regard.

Section 295-C of the PPC says, ├ČUse of derogatory remark etc, in respect of the Holy Prophet, whoever by words, either spoken or written, or by visible representation, or by any imputation, innuendo, or insinuation, directly or indirectly, defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable for fine.’

The petitioner-lawyer further said that Section 109 of the PPC ran says: ‘109. Punishment of abetment if the act abetted is committed in consequence and where no express provisions is made for its punishment: Whoever abets any offence shall, if the act is abetted is committed in consequence of the abetment, and no express provision is made by this Code for the punishment of such abatement, be punished with the punishment provided for the offence.’
A very important video has been created by The Center for the Study of Political Islam called Deceitful Islam that reveals:

Islam: 270 Million Bodies in 1400 Years - What Every Infidel Must Know! 

Islam is not now and never has been concerned with Peace. Not as western civilization defines the term. Islam is only concerned with Submission and world conquest.

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  1. Nelson,
    I have studied the religion of Islam and to my findings; it is not merely a religion but a complete system. Sharia law covers every aspect of ones life. Finances, religion and social life. There is nothing peaceful about living under fear of being beaten or even death if you do not submit. You are spot on in this post.


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