Monday, June 28, 2010

The Devil's greatest accomplishment

There is a popular quote that says: "The Devil's greatest accomplishment was convincing the world he didn't exist.” It has been used in literature and films for over a century. It is a reference to a logical argument and as such it can be applied to various cultures, political movements and religions to define efforts to hide the truth.

In the Arabic language a
Kafir is usually translated as "unbeliever" or "disbeliever", or sometimes "infidel". The Qu’ran also uses the word for Christians and Jews in several verses of Sura 9:28-33; 5:17, 72-73. It refers to Kafir and how they must be treated. Quoting from Wikipedia, The word Kafir, is the active participle of the root K-F-R "to cover".” As in Kufr.

“The Qur'an uses the word
Kufr to denote a person who covers up or hides realities”

“By the 15th century, the word Kaffir was used by Muslims in Africa to refer to the non-Muslim African natives. Many of those kufari were enslaved and sold by their Muslims captors to European and Asian merchants, mainly from Portugal, who by that time had established trading outposts along the coast of West Africa.”
Almost all of the slaves brought to America in the 17th and 18th Century were those non-Muslims captured in Africa by Muslim slave brokers.

A French poet Charles Baudelaire, (1821-1867), said: "My dear brothers, never forget, when you hear the progress of enlightenment vaunted,
that the devil's best trick is to persuade you that he doesn't exist!"

In modern times, Jim Carroll, in 1995, wrote in his book The Basketball Diaries, "The Devil's greatest accomplishment was convincing the world he didn't exist.

The most popular reinterpretation of this famous quote is in the 1995 movie The Usual Suspects, written by Christopher McQuarrie. In it, the character named Verbal Kint, played by Kevin Spacey, explains the story of Keyser Söze to a police detective: “
The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
So when Muslims quote the Qur'an’s use of the word Kufr to denote a person who covers up or hides realities, although they are referring to non-Muslims, in fairness the same application must be applied to themselves to see if it fits. The reference they repeatedly use “Islam is a religion of Peace”  must be compared to their own thoughts, words and deeds. Many years ago, during the cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States, an observer who was very familiar with communism stated: Peace to a communist means the absence of resistance to communism. Throughout modern history many oppressive groups have tossed around the word "Peace" and they all seem to have a similar definition. Today, followers of Islam claim they are "The religion of peace" and at the same time say that "Islam" means "Submission". The opposite of submission is resistance, so it stands that only those who submit to Islam will have peace.
So be mindful at all times that when listening to the rhetoric of Islamic clerics that the word Kufr applies to Muslims as well, because it means in their own language, people who cover up the truth and hides realities.  “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.” The greatest trick Muslims have pulled was convincing the world they are against terrorism and for peace. Because more often than not, those who repeatedly use the word “peace” do not share the same meaning of the word as you do.

When Muslims speak to each other what you hear them say is more aligned with the motto of The Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of Hamas, al-Qaeda, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and ISNA (Islamic Society of North America).

As Guy Rodgers, executive director of ACT! for America pointed out in an an article on The Hill web site  on June 24, 2010:
“During the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial, at which organizations including CAIR and ISNA were named as unindicted co-al-Quedaconspirators, the Muslim Brotherhood's Strategic Goal for North America was entered into evidence. It states in part: "The Ikhwan must understand that all their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging their miserable house..." “
The motto of the Muslim Brotherhood is this: "Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."

No mention of the “Religion of Peace” there.

What follows are some supporting references to this argument.


    It is known that the USA is the enemy of Islam and Muslims. The fact that it is Dar ul Kufr Asslie, by default it is the enemy of Islam and Muslims. The original rules for any state that is not dar ul Islam nor has a treaty with it is that it is the enemy. There should be no doubt in the minds of any Muslims that the jews and Christians are kafir and the enemy of Islam and Muslims. Allah (swt) says, [according to Wikipedia, swt means (“‘glorious and exalted is He’”), placed after the name of Allah in Islamic  texts.]
        "Those who disbelieve of the people of the book and the mushrikeen are in the hellfire forever, they are the worst of creation." [EMQ Bayyinah: 6] ] {note: EMQ=Extended matching questions, Al- Bayyinah: 6 verse from Qu’ran}

    and Allah (swt) says,

    "Those who claim that Allah is Jesus ibn Maryam, they are kafir …" [EMQ Ma’idah: 17] {note: EMQ=Extended matching questions, Ma’idah: 17 verse from Qu’ran}

    In this ayah, there is the manifestation of the anger of Allah (swt) when he said,

        "Those who claim that Allah is ‘Isa ibn Maryam, they are kafir, who can have any protection if Allah decides to destroy Isa and his mother and all the people of the earth?" [EMQ Ma’idah: 17] {note: EMQ=Extended matching questions, Ma’idah: 17 verse from Qu’ran}

    Allah (swt) says,

        "Fight those who do not believe in Allah nor in the last day, nor do they forbid what Allah and his Messenger forbid, and they do not follow the deen of Haq among the people of the book (jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission and feel themselves subdued." [EMQ 9: 29] {note: EMQ=Extended matching questions, Sura 9:29 verse from Qu’ran}

    Whoever denies that the Jews and Christians are kafir, they are kafir. Allah (swt) in this ayah, made the purpose of fighting them because of their kufr, regardless of whether or not they fight us.

    People ask "why do you say that the kuffar are the enemy?" despite Allah’s (swt) saying,

        "The kuffar are for you a clear enemy." [EMQ 4: 101] {note: EMQ=Extended matching questions, Sura 4:101 verse from Qu’ran}

    Because of this ayah we should fear Allah and stop calling the kuffar our friends. The kuffar of USA and UK are kafir Asslie; they are without any doubt our enemy. We do not fight them, only because of the covenant of security that is binding on us. Allah said,

        "Terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy" [Anfal: 60] {note: EMQ=Extended matching questions, al-Anafal: 60 verse from Qu’ran}

    USA is not only the enemy because they disbelieve in Allah; more than that they are actively fighting against Islam and Muslims. Without any doubt, terrorism against them is obligatory.
Updated 6-29-2010. If you are interested in reading an English language translation of the above referenced verses in the Qur'an click the following link to the University of Southern California Center for Muslim/Jewish Engagement web site:
Killing Kafir
Author: Syed Kamran Mirza

In the theological dogmas of Islam there are plenty of unanswered questions to which most apologists play same old game of sidetracking and putting lame excuse to the “out of context”, or “faulty Quranic translations”. Among them, I like to discuss one question about which I have been asking/searching the truth for long time, but till today nobody could give me satisfactory answer. This is the question of “killing/slaying” human being by another human being by the order of Almighty God! Several years back when I read Holy Quran from beginning to end, I was totally dismayed when I found Allah telling/advocating to “kill” another human being by numerous Ayats. I could not conceive this idea of insisting by Allah to kill somebody. How come? Question which bothered me most is why an omnipotent/almighty God will ask for killing human being? Who knows, may be this advice by Allah to “kill Kaffirs” is working as the main fuel/ingredients behind the very spirit of Islamic Jihadhelping create more and more Osama Bin laden and other potential terrorists?

My father used to read Quran twice a day (after Fazr and before Magreb) with so much devotion until his death. One day I asked him if he (my father) understand what he was reciting with such a melody and devotions. My father’s answer was negative. My father did not understand a single word of what he was reciting daily. Now I can count how many thousands of times he uttered the word “killing”, of course, with sweet melody. We can even count how many trillion trillion times this word of “killing” is being uttered by devout Muslims throughout the whole world.

Most important and mysterious questions for us to ponder are: Why Muhammad (pbuh), the prophet of God, needed to insist/ask people to fight/kill fellow people violently? And why did he lure Islamic believers that they will get Jannat el-Ferdous if they kill kaffirs? Why on the other hand, another Prophet of the same God Jesus Christ said, “He who live by the sword will die by the sword” or “If you get slapped on your right cheek then give your left cheek for the another slap.” Why Jesus asked people to conquer the hearts of enemies by their love? Why did Mahatma Gandhi asked people not to attack/kill the enemies but to tolerate all tortures? Was Gandhi or Jesus a better person than the omnipotent who goes by the name Rahman-ur-Rahim (Kind and forgiving)?
The Devil's greatest accomplishment was convincing the world he didn't exist.
The Devil's second greatest accomplishment was convincing the world that Islam is a religion of peace.


  1. Nelson,
    This is an outstanding blog you have written today. It is so revealing to the true agenda of Islam. Great background research and very well displayed. One thing I find so very interesting is the very slaves that ended up in America were sold by the Muslims. It looks as if they were trying to rid themselves of the non believers.

  2. Nelson,
    You bring remembrance to me with this post script.
    Serbia was looked at as murders and even some were tried for war crimes against the Bosnian Muslims, but no one goes back to the other side of the issue. Bosnian Muslims had been killing Christian Serbs for long before the war ever took place. It was not until they actually started fighting back that the Muslims cried victim. That is when this conflict received international attention. Much like Gaza today the Muslims in Gaza use their women and children as human shields they get killed and the Israelis are called murders. Muslims are good at playing the victim always making it look like they are innocent. Your post script is 100% correct in both cases.

  3. Thank you, Geketa, and Shalom, my friend.

  4. "The Devil's greatest accomplishment was convincing the world he didn't exist”.
    this is not the devil"s greatest achievement to date!!
    to date the devil's greatest achievement is to lead mankind to damnation under the guise of honer, integrity, religion, justice and law!!
    even this achievement can be out done, but lets not go there???

  5. also there is a fundamental flaw with this " infidel" concept. it is this,
    we are given a soul and live in a free world of choice. so the so called "infidel" of today could actually find god tomorrow. opening their mind, heart, soul and WAY OF LIFE to god. so if your killing the infidel, does this not mean you could be killing the very believers of your own religion?? this concept works for both Christian and Muslim and in fact all religions??
    if we believe that god made this world we have to believe that god could also take it away if too corrupted (or even restart it)??? the devil on the other hand does not have this power. it has been the devils intention right from the start to destroy mankind. we know this. so if you feel your god is asking you to kill, you need to contemplate what ive just stated!!
    god does not need human to do his killing, but the devil does!!
    True followers of god will always try to make this world a better place and respect the freedom of choice given to us by god?? god has chosen for us to have this freedom of choice for reasons we do not yet understand and nor need to. god will never ask you to hurt a fellow human,EVER!

    1. Anonymous, Satan's battle for Heaven didn't end when God cast out the Archangel Lucifer. Satan has taken his battle against Heaven by corrupting the souls of men here on Earth.


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