Friday, March 15, 2019

Why are Republicans in Congress afraid of defending our country?

Sometimes I get a little sick listening to the purists complain about everything President Trump does. How many people realize that in January 2017 when Trump entered the White House it was still staffed by hostile people loyal to Barack Hussein Obama. In the ensuing two years Trump has been working in the most toxic atmosphere ever seen in Washington trying to get his agenda in place and the lily-livered Republicans have been back stabbing him ever since.

Donald Trump was being given a lot of bad advice from the very beginning. Yes, he could have and should have fired all the Obama loyalists, not just among the White House staff but in the Justice Dept. and in the FBI. He also should never have appointed any sitting member of Congress to his Cabinet. And Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was a perfect example why. Sessions was a reliable conservative but he was too closely attached to the Washington establishment and in the end his seat was taken by a Democrat.

The only proper place there should be any purists in our government is on the Supreme Court as in the example of the late Justice Anton Scalia who referred to himself as an "originalist". We certainly don't need them in Congress. Our country is facing a monumental crisis and we MUST defend our borders otherwise our Sovereign Nation will cease to exist. We have been looking at a slow moving invasion by hostile forces and our Republican leaders seemingly refuse to acknowledge it. The only way to protect ourselves is to build a wall along our Southern boarder. And President Trump is determined to get it built any way he can.
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