Saturday, December 3, 2016

Will history record this as The Great Trump Robbery?

UPDATE:  Jill Stein's Green Party is dropping its court case to force a recount in Pennsylvania.
UPDATE 2:  It ain’t over yet. Jill Stein plans to file law suit in Federal Court on Monday
UPDATE 3, Final: Courts rule Jill Stein has no standing in Pennsylvania, Michigan recount halted after hundreds of precincts showed phony Democrat ballots and Wisconsin recount completed giving Trump 162 extra votes.
No one on the front lines of the conservative movement seem to be aware of what is going on during the post-election Trump victory party. While the over enthused Trumpeters are preoccupied with opening their Christmas presents, neither Drudge, Breitbart or Fox News have bothered to check their calendars to see the looming deadline of the December 19th meeting of the Electoral College and compare that to the timeline of the recount effort in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Some very crafty undercover Hillary operatives have devised a plan to upset the presidential election and turn American History inside out.

What seems to have escaped the brilliant minds of the mainstream conservative media is the fact that Hillary Clinton has aimed at a Hail Mary attempt that may actually succeed in nullifying the electoral ballots of the 55 delegates from Wisconsin (19), Michigan (16) and Pennsylvania (20) by forcing a last minute recount that will most certainly not be completed before the federally mandated December 13th deadline. The consequence of this action will be that the electoral votes from these three states will be forfeited. The recount effort is a ruse and a smokescreen to distract the victors. Hillary Clinton's real plan is to stall the recount until it is too late to complete before the federal deadline.

The second Left-wing flank attack on Donald Trump’s 306 electoral votes comes from the deluge of intimidating threats directly aimed at some of Trump’s delegates. So far the rumor has it that almost 15 of them have indicated they will not vote for Trump when the Electoral College meets on December 19th.
While various parties representing Donald Trump and the Republican Party are filing lawsuits to stop this attack in Michigan and Wisconsin, the state of Pennsylvania has announced that the deadline for requesting a recount has expired. But this hasn't deterred the Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein camps from filing their own lawsuits to force a Pennsylvania recount.
Looking at the numbers it thus appears that subtracting the 55 delegate votes from the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania will reduce Donald Trump’s total to 251, well below the 270 votes needed to win. If the rumors prove to be true about the number of “unfaithful electors” who plan to renege their pledge to vote for Trump then Trump’s total drops even more to 236 votes. If those 15 “unfaithful electors” actually switch their votes to Hillary Clinton then her actual total of electoral votes jumps from the 232 she won on election day to 247 and she beats Donald Trump by 9 votes.

So maybe its time to put the cork back in the bottle of Champagne and get out the gun oil and clean up your weapons because we may wind up with a full-blown uprising before Christmas.

A long time ago a very astute Washington observer once said, “In Washington, the conservatives get the rhetoric and the liberals get the action.” And before that candid revelation was inscribed, George Santayana, a Spanish-born, American philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist, wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Hey, Breitbart, hey, Drudge, its time to wake up and start spreading the alarm. The biggest robbery in history is taking place right under your noses.
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  1. I upvoted you on American Spectator's Nov 29 "Popular Vote Realities 2016: Trump Ascendant." I follow politics closer than most and even looked at what was going on regarding the recounts after Stein was given the assent to go ahead with it in Wisconsin after she paid the fee, a couple weeks ago . I followed on and off for about a week and let up some after it was not even sure that PA and Michigan would allow it. Then it seemed anyways that there were sudden reports about the ongoing recounts in the 3 states and 22.000 "provisional" ballots that went Clinton's way. BackToBasics

    It's almost as if Trump supporters and even many of those who follow fairly closely were lulled to sleep while the recounts in all 3 states was not much reported on. The left is dangerous and as I mentioned on my own postings I think in Breitbart about a week ago, the do not care if the recount were to cause a civil war as they just love the idea that they might come out on top no matter how much destruction and blood is shed in such a case. Leftists are vindictive to the core and they are sickening and pathetic.


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