Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Obama pretends to be a hawk with as much conviction as he pretends to be an American.

Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim who pretends to be a Christian, a man who received the Nobel Peace Prize for nothing more than hot air and promises, is now trying to convince America he is a hawk. The same Obama who promised the Muslim world he would stand with them if the winds changed has been unable to stand with America in the face of Islamic terrorism. We learned that Obama delayed the decision to attempt to rescue an American journalist for over a month and then when he gave the OK it was too late. Then he goes on national television and tells the world all about our secret raid by Special Forces to rescue the captured journalist while even the enemy didn't know about it. We learned that Obama misjudged the latest Muslim terrorist group called ISIS or ISIL or the Islamic State and determined they were a Junior Varsity minor league threat all the while they were overrunning vast portions of Syria and Iraq. His offhanded dismissal of the threat could also be interpreted as a stall to help them acquire more strength. Lord knows who made the decision to abandon a billion dollars worth or heavy military equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan and not even make an effort to blow it up so it couldn't be reused. But of course, the Islamic terrorists made good use of it.
Now we see Obama making the difficult call to send fighter jets to bomb ISIS targets. Of course the leftist mainstream news media hasn't raised the obvious questions. Is he trying to impress people with his make believe bravado? There must be an election coming up. I still can't get over the fact that we're using $500,000 laser-guided bombs to blow up a pick-up truck with a half-dozen terrorists. This reminds me of the joke during the Vietnam War about the cost we paid to kill every Viet Cong. Someone suggested we should hire some Mafia hit men because they only charged $5,000 per contract. Then again, war befuddles economics and common sense. The whole Vietnam War could have been avoided if someone had bombed and wiped out Ho Chi Minh when his entire army had surrounded Dien Bien Phu in 1954.
I am not opposed to attacking the terrorists but I am against the misuse of expensive high-tech weaponry for low level targets. If Obama wasn't more concerned with his fellow Muslims he could have destroyed ISIS or ISIL a few months ago when they were all grouped together on the Syrian border. But then he was more concerned with playing golf at the time. And for the record, I'm not against using a nuclear weapon as long as the fallout downwind does not endanger Israel. I would rather turn the sand in that stinking desert into molten glass than to risk the death of another American soldier. Especially after Obama changed the Rules of Engagement that almost forced our troops to consult a lawyer before they fired on the enemy.
My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides. 

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