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The real threat to America by the Islamic State comes from our government refusing to uphold the law.

The Islamic war raging across Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria at the hands of the Sunni-Muslim Islamic State that has slaughtered tens of thousands of Christians and Shi'ite Muslims is pulling like-minded Sunni Muslims from many countries into their ranks. Spured on by news reports and Twitter feeds of grotesque acts of violence, fundamental followers of the Prophet Mohammed who revel in the historic commands in the Qur'an to chop off hands and heads and rape and pillage women, have hungered to experience the thrill of the blood-letting for themselves. Hundreds of British Muslims have already traveled to Iraq and Syria to become trained and radicalized to fight in the Islamic State army. The recently published video of the barbaric beheading of American photo-journalist James Foley was carried out by a masked man speaking perfect English with a British accent leading experts to believe he is a British citizen. Similar but smaller numbers of American Muslims have also traveled to Syria and Iraq to join in the religious holy war. But the real threat from the militant terrorists in the Islamic State is the ability of these American and British Muslims to return to their home countries and since many are not Arabs or African-Americans, they can blend right in to the overall population undetected.

While Democratic U.S. government officials make alarming public statements about such threats to the American public they all seem oblivious to existing law that was written to revoke the citizenship of any American who joined a foreign army to wage war against American troops or American interests or our allies. Considering the extent of pro-Islamic sympathies coming from one-time Muslim Barack Hussein Obama, who has yet to convince anyone he is no longer still a Muslim, it is understandable why our government officials don't know how to deal with the problem. Perhaps they need to take a refresher course and read the law here at the Cornell University Law School web site.

8 U.S. Code § 1481 - Loss of nationality by native-born or naturalized citizen; voluntary action; burden of proof; presumptions
(a) A person who is a national of the United States whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by voluntarily performing any of the following acts with the intention of relinquishing United States nationality—

            (1) obtaining naturalization in a foreign state upon his own application or upon an application filed by a duly authorized agent, after having attained the age of eighteen years; or

            (2) taking an oath or making an affirmation or other formal declaration of allegiance to a foreign state or a political subdivision thereof, after having attained the age of eighteen years; or

            (3) entering, or serving in, the armed forces of a foreign state if

                (A) such armed forces are engaged in hostilities against the United States, or

                (B) such persons serve as a commissioned or non-commissioned officer; or


                (A) accepting, serving in, or performing the duties of any office, post, or employment under the government of a foreign state or a political subdivision thereof, after attaining the age of eighteen years if he has or acquires the nationality of such foreign state; or

                (B) accepting, serving in, or performing the duties of any office, post, or employment under the government of a foreign state or a political subdivision thereof, after attaining the age of eighteen years for which office, post, or employment an oath, affirmation, or declaration of allegiance is required; or

            (5) making a formal renunciation of nationality before a diplomatic or consular officer of the United States in a foreign state, in such form as may be prescribed by the Secretary of State; or

            (6) making in the United States a formal written renunciation of nationality in such form as may be prescribed by, and before such officer as may be designated by, the Attorney General, whenever the United States shall be in a state of war and the Attorney General shall approve such renunciation as not contrary to the interests of national defense; or

            (7) committing any act of treason against, or attempting by force to overthrow, or bearing arms against, the United States, violating or conspiring to violate any of the provisions of section 2383 of title 18, or willfully performing any act in violation of section 2385 of title 18, or violating section 2384 of title 18 by engaging in a conspiracy to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, if and when he is convicted thereof by a court martial or by a court of competent jurisdiction.

        (b) Whenever the loss of United States nationality is put in issue in any action or proceeding commenced on or after September 26, 1961 under, or by virtue of, the provisions of this chapter or any other Act, the burden shall be upon the person or party claiming that such loss occurred, to establish such claim by a preponderance of the evidence. Any person who commits or performs, or who has committed or performed, any act of expatriation under the provisions of this chapter or any other Act shall be presumed to have done so voluntarily, but such presumption may be rebutted upon a showing, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the act or acts committed or performed were not done voluntarily.
Any American holding a U.S. Passport who travels to the Middle East without a justifiable reason should be placed under intense scrutiny when attempting to return. The government already has this ability and has identified many American Muslims who have been killed in action fighting for al Qaida, ISIS or the Taliban. If they know of these people who have left our soil to engage in hostilities then they should simply revoke their passports and refuse to allow them to reenter the United States when they try to return home. They should not even be allowed to board the flight. 

Three years ago Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman (I) along with Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown introduced the “Enemy Expatriation Act”, a bill to strip the citizenship from any American who participated or actively supported any terrorist organization. The bill failed to pass and has been reintroduced every year since and still lingers in Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's circular filing cabinet. Considering Reid's abject obedience to his master Barrack Hussein Obama, who is on record of "standing with Islam" it is understandable why radicalized Muslims haven't been prevented from returning home after service to the Islamic State. And we can thank our pro-Democrat, state-run mainstream news media for covering up for them.

But here is the text and description of references for the bill from Wikipedia.
The Enemy Expatriation Act (HR 3166 and S. 1698) is a proposed law in the United States sponsored by Senators Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Scott Brown (R-MA) and Representatives Charlie Dent (R-PA) and Jason Altmire (D-PA). The bill would allow the United States government to strip US citizens of their citizenship if they participate in terrorism, defined as "providing material support or resources to a Foreign Terrorist Organization, as designated by the secretary of state, or actively engaging in hostilities against the United States or its allies."[1] In early 2012, the proposal was compared to the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act, and some writers have suggested that the two laws could be used together to take away citizens' civil liberties.[2][3][4] If passed, the bill would add to the circumstances under which US citizenship can be lost.[1][4]
The bottom line to all of this is that America is being set up to experience a religious war wherein Islam will attempt to carry out their threats to drench us in blood. And you can bet that every Muslim who couldn't afford the price of a plane ticket will come out from their mosques and join them. And all the while we have had a law on the books for decades that could be used to prevent these barbaric monsters from getting home.

Many thanks to my good friend Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at the Noisy Room for her assistance in the references for this article.

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