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The sinister connections that tie together John Brennan, Michael Hastings and Bowe Bergdahl.

The synopsis of the events that led up to the trade of Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl, who reportedly converted to Islam while living with the Taliban, for five top Muslim Taliban commanders that had been held in Guantanamo Bay, has connections with the life and death of Michael Hastings, investigative reporter for Rolling Stone and to CIA Director John Brennan, a Muslim who secretly converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia.

The story begins in 2009 when Army Private Bowe Bergdahl decided to abandon his outpost in Afghanistan and desert. Bergdahl’s anti-American sentiments and published emails to his father that so shocked America had been discovered by Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings in 2012: “I am ashamed to be an American…The horror that is America is disgusting.” Bergdahl wrote. Bergdahl went looking for members of the Taliban after expressing his resentment for the Army and their mission in the war. He also told his father in emails that he was disgusted with America and wanted to renounce his citizenship. After making contact with the enemy, Bergdahl reportedly began instructing them on building more effective IEDs, Improvised Explosive Devices, which resulted in increased attacks on American troops. During the months long search for Bergdahl at least six or seven Army soldiers were killed by the enemy while looking for him. The fallout of casualties was even greater when resources were transferred from other outposts to help in the search leaving them open to increased attack.

Then in 2012, Rolling Stone magazine published a very lengthy and detailed report on Bowe Bergdahl written by investigative reporter Michael Hastings. The website Western Journalism takes up the story by recounting what happened to Michael Hastings .

This Journalist Died After Exposing Bowe Bergdahl’s Anti-Americanism

Was it an inside job?
Kris Zane — June 9, 2014
At the time Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings was killed under suspicious circumstances, he had recently written a huge exposé on Bowe Bergdahl, revealing that he had deserted his unit and actively sought out the Taliban. Hastings had also revealed Bergdahl’s anti-American sentiments, publishing the emails to his father that so shocked America: “I am ashamed to be an American…The horror that is America is disgusting.”
This revelation actually came in July of 2012, when Hastings published a ten-thousand word article on Bergdahl, in which he had traveled to Afghanistan to speak to his former platoon mates, the soldiers violating their gag order to speak to Hastings anonymously. Hastings had also visited Bergdahl’s parents in Idaho, where he presumably obtained the emails. When we saw Obama pawing Bowe Bergdahl’s mother and hugging his father last week in the White House Rose Garden, this wasn’t how he was treating them in 2012. The Obama administration in 2012 had “encouraged” his parents to keep their mouths shut. The father, Robert Bergdahl, had gone on a very public crusade, criticizing the Obama administration for killing Afghanistan civilians, and had even said that one of the Taliban captors of his son had had his child murdered by a CIA drone—mirroring events in the popular Showtime series “Homeland”. This was stated at a very public GOP fundraising event in 2010 hosted by former RNC head Michael Steele. Robert Bergdahl had also just posted a video on YouTube, where he appealed directly to this son’s captors, stating: “…We must also thank those who have cared for our son for almost two years…We have wept that God may show his beneficence, his mercy and that his peace may come upon the people of Pakistan. As-salamu alaykum [peace be upon you].”

Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/traitor-bowe-bergdahl-linked-michael-hastings-murder/#lmFS3tY04gv37fki.99
Then, Western Journalism turns to CIA Director John Brennan whom Michael Hasting's wife believed was the subject of her husband's newest investigation just before he was killed. But for some unknown reason they failed to mention one little fact that puts the icing on the cake, John Brennan is a Muslim. In an exclusive report written by Drew Zahn on February 10, 2013, WND.com reported in their headline story: Shock claim: Obama picks Muslim for CIA chief  Former FBI expert claims John Brennan converted to Islam
The involvement of John Brennan takes on an even more bizarre twist with the official White House announcement of his swearing in ceremony.  On March 8, 2013, Yahoo News reported in a story written by Olivier Knox,  Brennan takes oath on draft Constitution—without Bill of Rights.
Oh, dear. This is probably not the symbolism the White House wanted.
Hours after CIA Director John Brennan took the oath of office—behind closed doors, far away from the press, perhaps befitting his status as America's top spy—the White House took pains to emphasize the symbolism of the ceremony.
“There's one piece of this that I wanted to note for you,” spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters at their daily briefing. “Director Brennan was sworn in with his hand on an original draft of the Constitution that had George Washington's personal handwriting and annotations on it, dating from 1787.”
As pointed out by Marcie Wheeler in the Yahoo News story, "1787 is also quite symbolic: The Bill of Rights, which did not officially go into effect until December 1791 after ratification by states. (Caution: Marcy's post has some strong language.) That means: No freedom of speech and of the press, no right to bear arms, no Fourth Amendment ban on “unreasonable searches and seizures,” and no right to a jury trial."

Western Journalism then wraps up the package with this:
Keep in mind, at the time of Hastings’ death, the FBI had denied they had ever investigated Hastings, despite Hastings sending out a frantic email hours before his death with the subject line: “FBI Investigation,” stating that he was being investigated. Also included in the body of the email was a reference to a “big story” he was working on. This “big story” turned out not to be about Bergdahl, but an investigation of then-terrorism czar—now CIA head—John Brennan, per Hastings’ widow. After Hastings’ death, all of his notes and documents on Brennan were suppressed—and this “big story” never appeared in Rolling Stone.
And finally, this:
According to the book Benghazi: The Definitive Report, John Brennan runs the secret black ops army JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command)—that operates with zero oversight—outside the purview of Congress, the Courts and even the Pentagon—essentially giving Brennan more power than the President of the United States! One of JSOC’s major functions is to make sure weapons are flowing unhindered to rebel groups worldwide that are on the side of the United States—including the al-Qaeda-linked rebels in Syria. At the time of the attack on the Benghazi consulate on September 11, 2012, JSOC and the CIA were housing a huge cache of weapons at the secret CIA base near the consulate, which also later came under attack. Per the book Benghazi: The Definitive Report, this is the reason why Barack Obama could not send help to Americans under attack in Benghazi and later blamed a “protest turned violent” over an obscure internet video. JSOC’s transfer of weapons to the rebels in Syria at the time was illegal, and sending in the cavalry to save Americans would have exposed Brennan’s illegal operation.

But funneling weapons to al-Qaeda-linked rebels is a secondary function of Brennan’s JSOC. Their primary mission is to kill and/or capture anyone—worldwide.

Whether that includes Americans is a guarded secret. And whether Michael Hastings was someone who needed to be killed because of bad press on Bergdahl, or for some other big story he was working on—i.e., exposing Brennan’s illegal activities—is also an unanswered question.

Perhaps when Congress investigates why Obama illegally freed five Taliban generals for a traitor, they can also investigate whether John Brennan had his secret black ops army murder Michael Hastings.
I wish to note that elements of this story were influenced by the initial post today on Bare Naked Islam. I did some back tracking to fill in the missing details about CIA Director John Brennan. Thus we have the total influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House, currently occupied by another secret Muslim, Barack Hussein Obama, who personally selected John Brennan another secret Muslim to head the CIA.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.
UPDATE: June 11, 2014
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