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From Winds of Jihad: Mosque-Related Violence?

Mosque-Related Violence?

by sheikyermami on May 3, 2013
I like that. All Islamic terrorism is mosque related.
By Rabbi Aryeh Spero
President Obama has done all he can these past five years to manipulate language and facts in order to exonerate Islam and Moslems from terrorist attacks committed in the U.S. by Moslems in the name of Islam and jihad. After Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood mowed down numerous innocents while chanting “Allahu Akbar,” Mr. Obama and his underlings refused to designate it as terrorism or jihad but instead labeled it “workplace violence”. The same distortion of reality occurred when Abdul Mohammud killed an army recruiting officer in Little Rock, Arkansas in June, 2009. Mr. Mohammud, the killer, knew he did it as an act of jihadist terrorism, but the President’s men would have us believe it was simply “generic violence”.

While all of us knew that what happened in Boston was indeed terrorism, the president initially refused to call it terrorism. Perhaps, he thought, he could jawbone us into believing that it was simply “Marathon-related violence”. His advisors initially floated the trial balloon of tax-day or right-wing terrorism. Even now, when it is incontrovertibly Islamic terrorism, Mr. Obama will not characterize it as such. He just can’t do it. He doesn’t want to do it.
For those who refuse to attach Islam to the word “terrorism,” they should concede that these young Moslem males born overseas are products of Mosque-related violence, where they are primed toward a barbaric lust to kill those their brand of Islam considers enemies of Islam — in other words, us, the billions of non-Muslims. Some preach it here in mosques financially underwritten by Saudi Wahhabists, others learn it at the source: “over there.” They come from over there or go over there and bring it back here and make the U.S. their killing field.
Some assume Mr. Obama’s reluctance to call Islamic terrorism by its name is so that Americans will not view the six acts of actual or thwarted terrorism here during his tenure as signs his administration is not on top of things. In contrast, his administration seems ever eager to label other events as right-wing extremism or terrorism since he can parlay these events into demonizing movements he does not like or use them as a reason to severely regulate or limit our Constitutional freedoms. As Obamaites say: “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste”. Islam, however, is not something Mr. Obama ever wishes to criticize nor does he want to limit or regulate its influence. Rather, he is expanding it into every crease of government, surreptitiously doing so at lightning speed.
No one should be surprised by Mr. Obama’s obsession with protecting Islam at all costs. As I wrote in these pages three years ago, he alerted us years previously to his fervent sympathies with Islam in the pages of his book The Audacity of Hope: If ever elected to high office he will, he writes, defend Islam and protect her from criticisms.”I will stand with them, Moslems, if the political winds should turn in an ugly direction” (pg. 261).
The problem is that due to his personal need to protect the image of Islam, the American people are not being protected as they should be. The president’s first and primary duty is to protect Americans at all costs, including the cost of perhaps making Moslems here or worldwide uneasy at hearing the term Islamic terrorism. He has to stop making excuses for them and point to the inordinate terrorism and hate coming from their midst and hold them accountable to change their ways. He must allow the FBI, local law-enforcement agencies, and the military to focus specifically on that which he refuses to enunciate: Islamic terrorism and the hate coming from that community. Instead, he has prohibited our law-enforcement agencies, even the FBI, to read manuals written by professionals delving into the subject of Islamism and jihad. They are not allowed to read about tequiah, the centuries-old instruction and methods in lying by Moslems-of-the-cause wishing to fool non-Muslim authorities.
Perhaps if the FBI had been specifically schooled in the ways of tequiah trickery, they would not have been bamboozled after their initial interview with the young foreign Moslem, trained in tequiah, who later showed up as the Boston bomber. Although in all investigations we rely on assembling profiles of those most likely to commit certain crimes, Mr. Obama has refused to allow this common practice when it comes to those Moslems most likely to commit terrorism. Who knows how many young Moslem males from Moslem regions or countries planning jihad have not yet been detained out of our fear of “offending Moslems or being accused of profiling”. In fact, the Time Square Bomber was himself a young male Moslem from a Moslem country, Pakistan. We never detained him; we were lucky — his bomb didn’t fuse.
Mr. Obama’s policy of not offending Moslems, and being sensitive to their all-consuming sense of “honor”, has already resulted in the murder of some of our soldiers in Afghanistan. A Marine father tells of how his son, Greg Buckley, Jr., stationed in Afghanistan, called him in despair and warned that he was going to be killed by the very Afghans we were training. “They are allowed to have weapons at night while we must surrender our weapons at night, so as not to offend them. We are trying to help them, but they still hate us. We are training the very people who will use our training to kill us.” And so it happened. Unarmed, Buckley was slaughtered at night, executed by the very Afghan he was training. They were armed; he, an American soldier, was not. For Mr. Obama, it seems, Americans and American life are expendable when weighed against the demands of Islam.
Under Mr. Obama’s tenure, we have brought in thousands of young Moslem men per month, too many of whom wish us harm. We continue to do so out of concern for not wishing to offend them. But it is our country. We don’t need to prove ourselves or our worth to them; they need to prove themselves 100% to us. Only self-loathing, American-hating, insane multiculturalists, who see no value in our culture and national integrity, demand that we open America to everyone as proof of our worthiness to exist. Mr. Obama, for a change, should begin thinking in terms of American honor — the honor and dignity of staying alive. We are not cannon fodder for Islam’s relentless grievances.
The American people must force Mr. Obama to make a choice, now. Begin acting as a President of the United States, with sole concern for protecting Americans. If Mr. Obama’s feels a need to prioritize Islam and make that his primary concern, he should be retired and become president of the Organization of the 57 States of the Islamic Conference and leave the defending of America to someone who loves Americans first, last, and foremost.
As is always the case after an Islamic attack on us, Mr. Obama pontificates that we “not rush to judgment”. In Obama language that means Americans should suspend their common sense judgment and deny what they see and know so that the president and his men have time to spin the murders into something disconnected to Islam and label it a “tragedy”, like a hurricane or tornado disassociated from anything willful and deliberate.
The man who incessantly warns us not to rush to judgment regarding venal acts of Islamic terrorism is, ironically, quick to rush to judgment when assigning blame in cases involving what he perceives as white on black crime, as was the case of Professor Gates and the Cambridge police and the self-defense scenario of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case. He was wrong on both — too quick to judge. In those two cases, he evinced a visible emotional and personal anguish, emotions noticeably absent in every case of Islamic brutality against American citizens, military men and their families.
For too long we have allowed our protection to be subordinate to this inane cliché: “But not all Moslems are terrorists”. Morally this cliché is immaterial. The essential matter is the protection of our lives and limb – and family. In classic morality saving life and limb far outweigh other considerations, especially in comparison to all this faddish “sensitivity” foolishness.
Furthermore, while not all Moslems are jihadists, too many are, far too many wish that Islamic ways and shariah will one day dominate and rule over America. Not all mosques are zealous, but too many are dangerously so. The left-wing apologists for Islam would have us believe that it is but 1% and Islamists can be won over with candy and good will. We know that is false. The numbers are much higher and have reached a critical level where the risk of not identifying it and acting in our self-defense and preservation is foolhardy and suicidal. We don’t need to wait until all Muslims are a threat. We are already beyond the comfort zone.
The response by liberals after each one of these carnages is to have yet more kumbaya sessions with imams and CAIR so that we Americans, “the guilty,” can show how tolerant we are and gain their acceptance. Some liberals are even calling incidents of terrorism here the “New Normal”. Heaven forbid that we accept this. Let the “new normal” be a firm resolution to say “No” to this scourge and aggressively do whatever needs to be done to stop them before they kill more of us.
Rabbi Aryeh Spero is author of Push Back and president of Caucus for America.
First published in American Thinker


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