Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What things may come: The question on everyone's mind is, Who will be the first patriot to die?

25 Million Americans can't all be wrong. That is the conservative estimate on the number of people who have been buying up and stockpiling weapons in the last four years. These are not criminals, they are law-abiding citizens who believe that civil war is coming to America and they must be prepared to defend their homes and their families - and - their country. All have a deep love for the freedoms instilled upon us by our Founding Fathers and a strong willingness to defend those rights. Our history is filled with stories about Patrick Henry of the American Revolution who famously declared: "I regret that I have but one life to give to my country" when the British executed him. But that was then and this is now. It may be interesting to note that, according to the web site Sipsey Street Irregulars, that only 3% of Americans actively supported the American Revolution against the British. So there is much truth to be learned in the famous words of Winston Churchill who said of the Royal Air Force in WWII, "Never before have so many owed so much to so few." Americans today are totally in debt to those 3%'s who fought for and died for our freedom and independence.

Today, in our technological era with instant texting and tweets and emails and blogs, we enjoy the greatest sense of communication than ever before. So what will happen when the tyranny we have been forewarned about finally arrives. Will we get a message warning us or will the government already have shut down the Internet and blocked the cell towers? Who will become the first patriot to die in defense of his freedom? Will we ever know the answer and will the truth ever be told in the news media? Has this already happened but the story was twisted and the truth covered over with lies? Lets look at a hypothetical situation that could happen anywhere in America today but most likely would be in some small town.

I live in a very quiet neighborhood that has almost no crime to speak of. It is so quiet that the local police only seem to make an appearance here a few times a week when a patrol car drives slowly down the street. Like a lot of people I do not know most of my neighbors so I cannot verify their reputations with the local authorities but based upon the lack of a police presence I must conclude that we have no criminal element here. 

So one day, I look out my window and see a large number of police cars with blinking lights and even a heavily armed SWAT team converging on a house a few doors away from me. What am I to think? I hear gunfire and then silence and then hours later calm is restored. The news media reports a domestic disturbance with one fatality resulting from shots returned by the police. Or maybe even a standoff with the homeowner committing suicide. 

Was this the truth or was someone resisting a raid to confiscate their weapons or just another perceived home invasion that was met with resistance? There have been stories reported about a tactic called Swatting where an anonymous phone call is made to 911 and the caller says, "I have shot my wife." The call is a vicious prank with the purpose of having a SWAT team invade someone's home to cause them extreme duress. The innocent homeowner is not aware of this when several armed people break down their front door and storm into their homes. If they were lucky enough to be unable to defend themselves then after enduring hours of questioning with guns pointed at them while they and their children are restrained with handcuffs then the police might admit they made a mistake and simply leave. But if the homeowner was able to get his or her hand on a gun and try to defend themselves from the unknown threat that forced their way in - the outcome would be entirely different.

It has been surmised that the Federal government may institute an unconstitutional ban on the possession and ownership of all guns and would first demand that every citizen turn them in or face arrest. Recent talk suggests that Barack Hussein Obama, flush with arrogant egotism over his fiscal cliff victory may decide to create this ban with an Executive Order - thus by-passing our Congressional representatives.  Many patriots have fully expected this to happen and have stated they would not comply with such rules under any conditions. After a time the government would be expected to conduct house to house searches and forcibly remove any weapons they found and probably the occupants, as well. We know that FEMA has already constructed detention centers around the country. We know that the last two sessions of Congress approved provisions in the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, to give Obama the authority to arrest and detain without trial anyone suspected of terrorism and that within the lexicon of the Dept. of Homeland Security, persons suspected of terrorism include conservatives who support the Second Amendment, Pro-Life and third-party candidates. The government knows who they are because these patriots all have bumper stickers on their cars that say so. We know the government has taken on new self-proclaimed authorities through the Patriot Act that supposedly supersede our Bill of Rights without bothering to pass amendments to the Constitution as required. So the first cases of a SWAT team invasion in your neighborhood would likely be overlooked. Especially if conducted by local police or Sheriffs. Of course if the National Guard sent an armed personnel carrier or a tank down your street it may set off some alarms. What about the second or third time it happened? What if your entire neighborhood was occupied by an army and everyone ordered to leave their homes while the authorities conducted their searches? When and where would neighbors begin to stand up to defend neighbors?
The history of the rise of the Third Reich in Nazi Germany describes eye witness accounts of Gestapo agents rounding up the Jews with virtually no resistance. People just stood by and watched their neighbors being dragged away. Until the Gestapo came for them. As long as American citizens possess weapons to defend themselves our chances of a tyrant rising up in America are slim and that is the true purpose of the Second Amendment. And that is the only reason why a tyrannical government would demand the registration and confiscation of privately owned guns. Not for public safety but to ensure their own safety from an enraged public.
On the day that Patrick Henry was hanged, his execution was conducted in a public place and most likely to set an example to the rest of the community. In the history books tyrants and dictators have  gone to the extremes of mass executions to set similar examples against resistance. While it is unlikely something like that would ever take place on American soil with American soldiers or American law enforcement, the result of any massive civil unrest against a tyrannical government could lead to a United Nations Peacekeeping Force being brought in to quell the disturbances. The U.N. has the ability to marshal forces from every third-world country to wear their colors and these armies are most definitely not as civilized as we are. At that point the revolution will be well under way.

American Patriots will not willingly surrender their weapons but how they intend to resist or when they will begin is not very clear. The future that lies ahead has not been written.
My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides

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