Saturday, December 15, 2012

Grieve for the children. Pray for the Nation.


The horrific tragedy that unfolded yesterday in the Sandy Hook Elementary School in  Newtown, Connecticut has left the nation in a state of shock. A lone gunman breaks into a school and shoots and kills 20 children and 6 adults at an elementary school.  Everyone is asking, who in their right mind murders little children. Some are wondering if we will ever learn the whole truth. Every other news cast seems to have conflicting information but at least we now know a little bit about what happened or at least we think we do. The killer committed suicide before the police arrived. He has been identified as Adam Lanza, the son of a substitute teacher who worked at the school. Adam Lanza, who is either 20 or 24-years old depending on various accounts, lived at home with his mother Nancy Lanza who Fox News identified as the owner of the guns used at the school. Three guns were found inside the school - a Glock and a Sig Sauer, both pistols, and a .223-caliber assault rifle was found in the back of a car that also belonged to Adam Lanza's mother. All of the weapons were legally registered to Nancy Lanza, sources told Fox News. Adam Lanza shot and killed his mother at their home before he drove her car to the school. Initially it was reported that someone at the school recognized Adam Lanza and allowed him to enter the building but today it was reported that he forced his way in. It is interesting to note that unlike many liberal academics who vocally oppose guns in society, Lanza's mother, a teacher, was fond enough of guns to own them. Also worthy of noting is that with heightened security on airliners today, some pilots have volunteered to be trained to carry handguns in the cockpits of their airplanes for protection against terrorists but almost every school in America has a zero tolerance policy against them. An absurd policy so strict that students have been suspended for even drawing a picture of a gun. Had anyone at the school been trained to use a weapon for a last resort defense such a tragedy like this may have been lessened or prevented.
And Newsmax reported this morning:
The National Rifle Association and most groups were keeping silent on the day that 28 people, including 20 young children, were shot dead.

“Until the facts are thoroughly known, NRA will not have any comment,” the group, based in Fairfax, Va., said in a statement reported by the Atlantic.

But some organizations spoke out, including Gun Owners of America, which has about 300,000 members and headquartered in Springfield, Va.

“Gun-control supporters have the blood of little children on their hands,” Larry Pratt, the group’s executive director, said. “Federal and state laws combined to insure that no teacher, no administrator, no adult had a gun at the Newtown school where the children were murdered.

“This tragedy underscores the urgency of getting rid of gun bans in school zones,” he added. “The only thing accomplished by gun-free zones is to ensure that mass murderers can slay more before they are finally confronted by someone with a gun."
One day after the tragedy little else appears to be known about the shooter in spite of the instantly obtainable data available today on social media. No Twitter accounts or Facebook postings from Adam Lanza have been revealed. Other than the report that Adam Lanza was a loner who adopted a goth appearance, nothing is available or has been revealed to suggest a motive for his homicidal actions. Nothing about his Internet activities, his likes or dislikes or his associations have been brought out so far.


The one fact that an assault rifle was found in the car the killer drove to the school, a weapon he did not bring into the school to use, some politicians have uttered thoughts about renewing the ban on assault type weapons and other types of guns. Barack Hussein Obama, undoubtedly anticipating the arrival of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty before the United States Senate, made an emotional comment at the end of his press conference yesterday hinting at possible legislation, pledged "meaningful action" to prevent more killings in the future in spite of politics. Obama has previously taken a neutral position on gun control just as Pontius Pilate washed his hands at the trial of Jesus Christ and let the mob of Roman agitators voice the call for the Crucifixion. Now other Democrats have immediately jumped on the bandwagon to proclaim support for more anti-gun legislation. Rep. Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., was quoted as saying: "Our expressions of sympathy must be matched with concrete actions to stop gun violence," and Democratic New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler added, "Yet another unstable person has gotten access to firearms and committed an unspeakable crime against innocent children. We cannot simply accept this as a routine product of modern American life. How many more Columbines and Newtowns must we live through? I am challenging President Obama, the Congress, and the American public to act on our outrage and, finally, do something about this.”

One thing is certain in this event, just as in past events, and that is that the leftist news media will be pulling at the emotions of every American to agree with them that all guns are evil and not just those in the hands of criminals. We are witnessing the beginning of a media blitz attack on the Second Amendment that will carry on well past the Christmas Holidays at a time when our hearts are filled with good will. We are living in a society today that consists of instant public opinion, unending news polls always based upon one-sided news stories with minute to minutes faxing of petitions to our lawmakers with no thought or comments on the consequences of the national significance. We are only reminded of the deaths and the bloodshed incurred with firearms and never about the lives saved through self-defense. The one primary wish of every would-be tyrant is to remove the threat that would exist against him if the citizens were armed and able to resist. That threat alone is the basis behind the Second Amendment. We must become ever vigilant against anyone who vows to "fundamentally transform America" and follows a policy to: "Never allow a crisis to go to waste," at any cost. 

Quoting from a press release issued last April from Newt Gingrich,  
"The Constitution does not give us the right to bear arms. It says the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. We already have the right, because it doesn't come from government--it comes from God."

"Our founders understood this right is essential to the defense of liberty. It was a lesson they learned firsthand at the Battles of Lexington and Concord, 237 years ago this week. As David Hackett Fischer's Paul Revere's Ride recounts, in order to quench the beginnings of the American Revolution, British soldiers marched to confiscate gunpowder and other militia supplies, an act that they hoped would incapacitate the colonial rebels. Thus, it was in defense of the right to bear arms as a means of securing the other liberties that the first battle of the American Revolution was fought."
Then we come to the true purpose of the Second Amendment to our Constitution, The Right to Bear Arms, that gives every would-be dictator second thoughts about taking over our country. Our Founding Fathers were not concerned with protecting the rights of hunters, they were creating a Militia force of armed Americans able to repel tyranny and placed that force it in the hands of the citizens. And every godless Democrat in America wants to capitalize on every event that involves guns, never allowing a crisis to go to waste, to disarm America and render us incapable of protecting our Republic.
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