Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Political Correctness will be the death of the Republican Party.

There are some people in Kentucky politics that are lamenting the victory of a conservative Republican named Thomas Massie, who will be the candidate for the 4th Congressional District, for no other reason than because he has gained the support of some Libertarians. I am not a Libertarian and I do not support them because I don't agree with many of their positions. But some Libertarians have come to realize that the best way to infuse real conservative principles into our government is to give support to conservative Republicans. That much I do agree with because the current crop of Republicans do not seem to have the courage to do their jobs in Congress. 

A blog post on the Bluegrass Bulletin a few days ago was titled Death of the Republican Party. It said in part:
It has been announced that Senators McConnell and Paul will host a joint fund raising event for Thomas Massie later this month.  The most interesting comment said that Rand Paul had promised to take over the Republican Party of Kentucky and was close to making that come true.  The comment ended with the sentiment that the RPK as it used to exist is dead.
McConnell is no fool.  He saw that Massie was able to tap into a big money donor, and that's the style of politics that McConnell loves, and for good reason.  More money means a better chance to win.
Rand and Mitch teaming up to help Massie should come as no surprise either.  He is the nominee, likely to win big and the top two republicans in the Commonwealth are expected to support him.  But there is another angle to this as well.
Some of the comments from people made it pretty clear that McConnell is the turd in the punch bowl at the TEA party.  Some people have worried that Rand and Massie are selling out by letting McConnell anywhere near their movement.
Politics is all about courage, principles and ideology. Consider them the three pillars that support what you stand for. When you turn your principles into a wet blanket and use it to hide your courage then your ideology becomes lopsided and tends to lean in every direction. When a politician becomes wealthy and successful as a result of doing his job then his greed for more wealth becomes a magnet that bends his ideology.

We have a lot of wet blanket Republicans in Kentucky and none of them have the courage to stand up and attack the evil that is destroying our country because it's not politically correct. The greatest evil in our nation's history is sitting right now in the White House and will likely get reelected because the National Republican Party, just like our Kentucky representatives, do not have the courage to attack him personally for his radical past, his radical associations or his radical beliefs. In 2008 we had a RINO from Arizona say he would never say anything bad about a fellow member of the Senate. In 2012 we have a goody-two-shoes candidate who won't say anything bad about the same person we have now come to know as the man who was mentored by a communist, launched into politics by the founders of the Weather Underground, endorsed by the Marxist/Socialist New Party in Chicago and spiritually uplifted by a black racist preacher who said "God Damn America".
Barack Hussein Obama and his Democrats are using Chicago-style machine politics to attack every Republican candidate across the nation. They are street fighters who follow no rules when it comes to waging dirty campaigns. The only way to fight them back is to go after them personally and not be afraid to get your hands dirty. Obama's past and present background is his weakest area and the only way to stop him from destroying America is to bring this story about him into the campaign. While Obama continues to raise the issue of Mitt Romney's unreleased tax returns as a distraction, the Romney campaign should be raising the questions about Obama's quest to keep hidden all of his personal records. While Obama pokes fun at Romney singing our National Anthem in his campaign ads, Romney should point out that Obama doesn't even know how to salute the flag when the Star-Spangled Banner is played.
While it is a given fact that many Democrats would vote for a Marxist/Socialist, pro-Muslim, pro-communist anti-America candidate, I doubt that many other Americans would do so if they knew about it. While Obama wages a war against Christians, would Catholics vote for him if they were told about it. If the Tea Party candidates that we voted into Congress in 2010 unshackled themselves from the wimpish leadership of the National Republican Party and began investigating Obama's fraudulent birth certificate, forged Selective Service registration and how he got his Connecticut issued Social Security number, the Democrats would be forced into fighting a defensive campaign and would have no time for attacks. And maybe Mitt Romney ought to remind Americans that the leader of our great nation should not be bowing before the heads-of-state of foreign countries.
Maybe the influence of some Libertarians is all it would take to wage just such a campaign. They have the money and the determination. The stakes are too high and we cannot afford to lose. Four more years of Obama will be a disaster. He will have the opportunity to replace at least one or two retiring conservative Justices on the Supreme Court tipping the balance to the Left and then our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be stripped away, one by one, with new case reviews. He will bankrupt the rest of our economy and allow his wealthy Arab friends in the Middle East and his billionaire supporter and fellow America hater George Soros to buy up what's left of America on the auction block.
My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.

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