Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another chance to STOP The Patriot Act.

Taking away our freedoms is not Patriotic.  In fact, there is nothing more un-American.

The badly misnamed Patriot Act is not the Act of Patriots. It is the act of petty tyrants seeking more and more power and control over our country.

Now, ever so quietly, the Obama administration is working with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to sneak reauthorization of the Patriot Act through without creating a stir among liberty-minded Americans.

We’ve all heard the defenses.  How the Patriot Act was needed to combat “terrorism.”  How it would not be used against U.S. citizens. How it would not be abused.

These lies have all been clearly exposed.  For eight years, the American people have ignored the wisdom of our founding fathers and traded freedom for security – and as predicted, we are losing both as a result.

And now, Congress and the White House are set to reauthorize the so-called Patriot Act.

They have until the end of this month to act.  Even talk about a window-dressing “reform” bill has stopped.  The Mainstream Media, fixated on Obama and tea party rallies, doesn’t say a word about it.

Frankly, the Patriot Act should be scrapped, or at least massively re-written to block federal snoops from casting fishing nets over the lives, histories and data of hard-working Americans.

If we do not stop this reauthorization, we’ll see a whole lot more of what we’ve gotten over the last eight years:
*** Federal and State law enforcement on fishing expeditions, searching telephone, email, medical, financial, and other records looking for a needle in a haystack – and abridging the freedom of law abiding citizens everywhere.
*** Warrantless searches and roving wiretaps, paying telephone providers for access to TRILLIONS of phone records and ignoring Fourth Amendment protections.
*** Broad powers for the Treasury Department and Immigrations Department to rewrite regulations, access records, and conduct proceedings in secret.
*** Holding American citizens in violation of their constitutional rights simply because someone in the government has declared them an “enemy combatant.”
*** Vast amounts of electronic data on virtually every American swept up by insider arrangements and purchases from phone companies, airlines and other businesses afraid to say no to a government “request.”
As you well know, this isn’t some conspiracy theory. This is happening all around us.

Our federal government is out of control, and every day we see it attempting to abridge more of our constitutional rights.

We know they’d take away our Second Amendment rights in a heartbeat if they could, and we must also remain vigilant to this threat.

They’re spending us and our children into poverty, with crushing trillion dollar deficits.

And they’re allowing the out of control Fed to ruin the dollar and push forward toward the collapse of our currency and way of life.

All of these are vital fights.

But none are more critical at the moment than taking back our freedoms from the statists and power-hungry federal thugs who use the Patriot Act to dig into every aspect of American lives under the false pretense of making us safer.

We cannot be a free nation and have this un-American law on the books.
Public pressure works.  Think of the agenda items that are stalled in Congress in no small part due to pressure from outraged citizens.  Socialized Medicine.  Big Labor’s Card Check.  Gun grabbing bills.  You name it; we’re beating it back.

The time is now to turn our attention to stopping the Patriot Act in its tracks.

The issue already became hot enough that the Senate could only muster a 60 day extension of the bill because of the threat of a Senate filibuster back in December. But now the politicians think all is clear.  There is silence on this issue.


  1. I read your post on the Patriot act with a smile on my face. When did this act pry into the privacy of you or of anyone that you know? If it did nose into your private life, what were you doing conversing with someone in the Middle East? I personally have read the bulk of the patriot act, and see no way that the law abiding citizen would even know it existed other than the media releases. Pres. Bush and others of his administration, when faced with the reality that was 9/11/01, did what he thought best, balancing our freedoms with our security and determined that surveillance of those in communication with the Middle East must be done to do all possible to protect us from the idiocy that is radical islam. I didn't like the idea that gov't could eavesdrop on my phone conversations, but would rather that be than to turn a blind eye to terrorism as the present administration has done.
    I thank GOD and GWB for the Patriot Act.

    "Never Forget Ft. Hood Texas and the 14 killed there by radical islam on 11/5/09!"

  2. Frank... Just for starters, The Patriot Act became the precursor to the Dept. of Homeland Security and was used as a springboard to proclaiming almost all conservative groups as possible domestic terrorists. You've probably heard that DHS produced a list identifying anyone who sported a Pro-Life, Pro-Gun or third party bumper sticker. Under The Patriot Act the FBI and local police authorities no longer need a search warrant to enter your home. All they need to do is say you are suspected of some terrorist activity and they can bust your door down and there are documented cases where this has happened. When a case develops where you are suspected you no longer have any rights under The Bill of Rights. If you read any conservative web site news you should check out WorldNet Daily News at www.wnd.com and do a search for stories about the abuses that have been reported. As you began your complaint by asking if I made any phone calls to the Middle East you should know that not only is the answer NO but that the application of The Patriot Act has gone way beyond that. Now that we have a Marxist in The White House you can be sure your liberty is in more jeopardy now than ever before and The Patriot Act will be the root cause of it.


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